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    Android is free. Apple and RIM dont allow their mobile OSes on anyones devices but their own at least for now, but that may soon change depending on how RIM makes out with Goldman Sachs. That pretty much leaves Microsoft on its own in the pay-to-play mobile OS game, and now weve been given a good idea what the cost of admission might be.

    According to ZTEs Santiago Sierra, portfolio manager for the companys UK office, Windows Phone costs between $23 and $30 per license. Does that mean everyone who builds Windows phones pays that amount? Possibly, but its important to remember that Microsoft typically offers tiered pricing. Top manufacturers with a global presence (like Samsung and HTC) may receive a break on those prices. Some estimates have previously pegged Windows Phone license costs at as little as $3, but they werent provided by official sources within a company.

    That said, ZTE is the fourth-largest makers of mobile phones in the world. They dont have the brand presence outside Asia that Samsung or HTC do, but they still move a ton of devices every year.

    The reported cost for licensing Windows Phone has raised eyebrows, with some bloggers calling Microsofts pricing exorbitant. In truth, if a manufacturer is willing to pay that price to ship smartphones that run the OS, then its a reasonable price. If that werent the case and the pricing actually was out of line, theyd probably just focus their efforts on Android instead. Thats the route Sony has chosen, though their decision had more to do with the required Xbox Live integration not pricing.
    01-22-12 01:54 AM
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    interesting, RIM should consider licensing BBos after they move to BBX! or right now for that matter.
    01-22-12 09:04 AM
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    I guess they have to do something since wp7 phones arent selling very well and are piggy backing off android to make profits.
    01-25-12 10:49 PM