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    What are Moderators?-mod-badge.jpg

    Our forum moderators are among the best and most active members in our community. They are here to ensure conversation remains fun and respectful, and that our forum rules and guidelines are adhered to.

    To be clear, THEY ARE NOT POLICE. They ARE among our best members that volunteer their time to make sure everyone in the community has a fun, friendly and safe place to discuss the tech we love so much.

    Among other things, moderators are tasked to:

    • Encourage discussion
    • Eliminate spam
    • Reply to unanswered threads (No thread should ever go unanswered!)
    • Rename poorly titled threads
    • Address forum trolling issues
    • Resolve issues between members
    • Keep forums and threads organized and on topic

    If you have any questions about the moderation team, feel free to reach out to me, or our Mod Team Leader here on CrackBerry, @howarmat!

    Who is on the CrackBerry Moderation Team?

    Team Leader:

    Team Members:
    • pkcable
    • BigBadWulf
    • Elite1
    • BergerKing
    • zocster
    • Ecm
    • John_V
    • Fret Madden

    If you'd like to apply to become a member of this team, please see our volunteer application thread!
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    I must say it is nice to see some familiar names from YEARS ago...!
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