1. jtflyer's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I am in India until December (Kolkota) and I would like to keep in touch with my family using BBM (and e-mail), I would also like to be able to call/send texts to indian cell phones.

    I am still with my contract in France (Sosh by Orange) and I am afraid I could loose my BIS configuration by subscribing to an Indian plan. (I could configure as many e-mail adresses as I wanted before but now I can only have one with Sosh, if I loose my configuration I may be loose the ability to receive one of my adress on my blackberry).

    What type of plan do you advise me to take? only BBM? BBM + e-mail?

    Can I just put my indian sim card in my phone and configure it or do I have to release mypin from orange?

    Thank you for you help,

    09-05-12 10:15 AM
  2. Mr_Comet's Avatar
    BBM with Mail plan sounds good and affordable but thats all i can suggest as I'm a new BlackBerry user myself. Hope a technical person can advice you on your problem. Maybe use a 2nd hand BlackBerry in India for Indian sim card/bis?

    note: I only use BBM plan for Rs129/Month and sometimes BIS depending on whatsapp needs.
    09-08-12 02:34 PM
  3. jasmeet9sb's Avatar
    You can just insert the new SIM (active BIS) in your BB and it will ask for your BB ID & password and that must be it .. Everything should be working i.e. BBM & e mail Also I'd suggest you to go for full BIS plan in India as they might charge you outrageous rate on browser/internet usage ..
    09-16-12 02:19 AM