1. Coffee Addict's Avatar
    I have been trying to use streaming radio apps on my BB 9700 with little success on Voda network.

    They work fine on Wifi, but doesn't on 3G.

    Does anyone had success using these apps or are they blocked by the service provider?
    06-12-10 04:49 AM
  2. darkone338's Avatar
    RTSP and some common streaming ports are blocked by Vodafone UK.

    They claim this is due to them not being able to cover streaming in their Content Control, but many of us have our doubts... The vodafone eforum has a (now locked) thread on this very subject and the mods recently (yesterday) announced VF were reviewing the situation.
    06-17-10 10:33 AM
  3. Coffee Addict's Avatar
    Thanks for clearing it up for me. Hopefully they would allow streaming in future.
    06-18-10 02:50 AM
  4. darkone338's Avatar
    i wouldnt hold out much hope. its been like this since November last year.
    06-19-10 11:52 AM
  5. VexedApple's Avatar
    I've given up on trying to get radio streaming. . . Such a pain in the @ss . . Really wanted it too, so I can listen to formula 1 news etc whilst at work . .

    Would love it if Voda sorted this for us

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    12-12-10 05:46 AM
  6. sic77's Avatar
    Flycast and TuneIn will work over 3G on Vodafone UK. I don't believe these apps are available on AppWorld but just google it and you'll find a download link.
    12-17-10 04:15 PM
  7. darkone338's Avatar
    Voda relaxed their restrictions on rtsp and other streaming media earlier in the year.

    Everything ive tried since has worked fine.
    12-20-10 08:18 AM
  8. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    The correction is that Vodafone block these through the BIS.

    If you setup a normal APN in the advanced settings area of your phone then streaming will work fine, however these will not be included in your BIS data bundle as far as I'm aware.
    02-19-11 09:06 AM
  9. darkone338's Avatar
    Work fine through BIS here.. Ulike previously where they didn't work through BIS or the APN....

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    03-15-11 06:31 AM
  10. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Theoretically they shouldn't be working as they remain blocked.

    Via BIS streaming should not work, due to file size limits and ports this is a worldwide RIM limitation and not a problem with us. How yours is working is a mystery, I'd take a guess, but I'd see it descend into a back and forth, something I try to refrain from.

    Over WAP/Internet whatever APN settings, there is no reason why these ports would be or should be blocked unless this is the PAYG APN.

    If you are getting headache from Vodafone UK employees, I can appreciate there are a lot of less than stellar examples of them about, but remember like always they are just people, doing their job, either well, or less than well.

    I do not work for Vodafone UK, I work for the parent company and oversee technical issues all over the world, I'd be happy to help you if you ever feel the need to skip the normal process in the future.
    03-15-11 09:11 PM
  11. Crisdean's Avatar
    Tunein is working fine via 3G here haven't had any issues

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    03-17-11 05:32 PM