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  1. elfabio80's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I am moving to Germany to join my girlfriend, and I would like to know which could be, according to you, a good offer for use internet and minutes once in Germany. I saw some offers in Vodafone DE website, but it looks like in Italy monthly offers are better and cheaper. Which combination of data+talk do you use?

    In Italy I spend 15 euros to have:

    400 mins to call everybody
    400 sms
    4 GB internet (not LTE).

    I wish I can have some good advices.

    Thank you

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    01-19-15 10:34 AM
  2. Rjinswand's Avatar
    I doubt you'll find such a price from Vodafone, Telekom or o2/E-Plus directly.
    Things you should consider: Do you travel a lot to other countries? Prepaid or post paid?

    I recently switched to another provider for a quite good deal that resembles your Italian contract to some extent.

    All-Net & Surf Giga Plus (12,99/month) by 1&1 in Vodafones' network (which is widely considered to be the 2nd best here), which can be booked at gmx.de and web.de.
    That's 2GB data (downloads up to 21,6 MBit/s, 64 KBit/s afterwards with options to book additional data packages at that point), 300 units for use within Germany for SMS (1 message = 1 unit) and for calls (1 min. = 1 unit). Each additional unit costs 0,099. Contract duration: 24 months.
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    01-19-15 10:54 AM
  3. elfabio80's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your reply and advices!!

    Well, I would prefer prepaid, since I am moving at least 4 months, then probably departing for work and coming back.... so I would not use full post paid option...

    Anyway your plan seems to be pretty good. But is it Vodafone or another carries?

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    01-19-15 11:16 AM
  4. Rjinswand's Avatar
    It's a plan offered by a company called 1&1. I'm not sure about the right term. They don't own a mobile network/ radio spectrum licence but are a middleman by selling their own plans on different carrier networks. For the plan stated above they use Vodafone's network; they also offer plans for the network owned by E-Plus.

    Telekom, Vodafone and o2/E-Plus are the big carriers with own spectrum licences. A requirement for allowing o2 buying E-Plus was that they sell some of their spectrum, so a former "middleman" gains a licence this year (Drillisch). Buying directly from the carriers is most often the more expensive option. That's where the middlemen come into the picture. Basically, there are two types: Those owned by the carriers (companies and brands) and carrier-independent ones, like 1&1.

    This site gives a good overview on the various options (incl. prepaid):
    Handytarife-Rechner fr mobiles Telefonieren, SMS und mobiles Internet - teltarif.de
    You can simply configure your needs and it shows all currently offered plans fitting your criteras. It's in German, though.

    It might be a good idea to check the network coverage (Netzabdeckung) for the region you move to before making a decision. Even though o2/E-Plus are often regarded as the least good option, they have better coverage in some rural spots. Each carrier has a site for checking their coverage. You can find the links here: Netzabdeckung online prfen ? so gehts - CHIP
    01-19-15 02:17 PM
  5. elfabio80's Avatar
    Thanks mate, and sorry for my late reply.

    Most probably I will get the option you mentioned.


    Posted via CB10
    01-22-15 03:27 PM

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