1. george4064's Avatar
    I ordered Q10 from Vodafone, renewing my contract where I feel I got a pretty good deal..

    Phone arrived, popped Micro-SIM in and did the usual stuff to swap SIMs. Only to find the phone was somehow locked to O2 UK!!! They arranged a 'swap' for me to swap that phone for a new one, which I did and the new one was the same..

    I ended up taking it to a Vodafone store, who said they have never seen anything like it before. They had a look into it and they said it was something to do with the Micro-SIM matching up with the phone, they made some changes and got it working in the end. (To my delight!)

    All in all it seemed the 'swap' wasn't needed, just needed to take the phone to a Vodafone store to match up the ID numbers etc.

    Just posting this so if others experience the same they know what to do, gotta say the staff in the store were very helpful.
    05-08-13 03:45 PM
  2. DrSoupDragon's Avatar
    Well done Vodafone, I'm looking to get one myself
    02-03-14 11:46 AM
  3. TrickyCase's Avatar
    Should have stuck with the O2 micro sim.. just to get the 10.2.1 update .. then got it fixed

    Got my wife a Q10 on Vodafone just before Christmas.. no such sim problems here

    Posted via CB10
    02-03-14 11:56 AM

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