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    I was set on the Q10 with T-Mobile but I saw Best Buy has the white Z10 for Verizon at $0 and that is just a complete steal. After reading many reviews and just a ton of the posts from both Z10 and Q10 users I am torn. I'm coming from a Galaxy S3 so the bigger screen on the Z10 is appealing but I loved texting on my 9900 because of the keyboard and that makes the Q10 tempting plus the bigger battery. Wifi calling on Tmobile plus being able to call and surf the web at the same are also things that have me leaning towards Tmobile. I live in Chicago and have good coverage from both providers. So maybe the Z10 on Tmobile? Or the Q10?? But the White Z10 for $0 is a great great deal. But the horror stories I've read about Verizon's complete disregard of Blackberry is troublesome. While Tmobile seems to be rolling out upgrades faster, the network has a lot of momentum going for it right now. Decisions decisions
    08-11-13 03:28 AM
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    You should go for the z10, its a nice keyboard experience practicly the same as a real keyboard and u have a bigger screen which makes it more interesting and practical for internet surfing.
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    08-11-13 03:35 AM
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    You should go for the z10. It is a real fast phone and it doesn't use as much data like an android or iPhone does. I am on line a lot streaming all sorts of video and audio and I haven't hit 500mb in the last week. And for a whole month I couldn't even hit 2gb of data for a month on Verizon

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    08-11-13 10:36 AM
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    Go for the Z10 on Verizon - great price, MUCH better service/coverage than T-Mobile, and you CAN be on a call and surf the web at any time while on their 4G LTE network OR while connected to WiFi. If you desperately want WiFi calling, you can always down/side load an app for that but there's really no need since their new plans have unlimited minutes, anyways. :-)

    Edit: Plus, if you don't want to be locked into a contract, you can have the same device installment plan option with VZW as with T-Mobile. Of course, that's a moot point if you're wanting the $0 price tag but just thought I'd throw that out there. :-)

    Posted via CB10 on my AWESOME VZW STL100-4!!! Now running:
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    08-11-13 08:19 PM

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