1. The Solomonster's Avatar
    I've had my 8330 Curve with Verizon for about a month now and am quite happy with it. Have not yet upgraded from version 4.3 to 4.5 software, but see no need to cause trouble or lose any of my files in the process. In any event, one thing that bothers me is the fact that I am seemingly unable to view Youtube videos in true full-screen mode. Videos that I have stored on my media card do, in fact, play full screen so I know the phone is capable of it. What's weird is that while watching a video on Youtube, I will check my options and "Full Screen" is checked off, but it is quite obviously playing at a reduced size as you can tell from all the black space surrounding it. Any way for me to fix this?

    12-17-08 04:40 PM
  2. roeod4's Avatar
    To my knowledge there is no way to change it. The mobile YouTube site is set up for a variety of mobile phones so I think that the videos have a set resolution they will play in. This also helps with file sizes for streaming video.
    12-17-08 04:54 PM
  3. Ponderous's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure roeod4 is correct.

    By the way, if I were you, I'd upgrade. Html email in and of itself is worth the free upgrade.

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    12-18-08 01:25 AM
  4. The Solomonster's Avatar
    Thanks Ponderous, I may well upgrade for that reason, but I'm just leery of all the stories I've heard of people who either lose their files or encounter problems of another sort after upgrading.

    As for my Youtube viewing question, I just find it odd that in some reviews I have read on new users of my phone, they rave about "full screen viewing" of Youtube videos. If I am to believe them, then there must be a way.
    12-18-08 10:26 AM
  5. shellie-da-newbie's Avatar
    i got my bb in mid-decmbr so as far as the software for 4.3 to 4.5 -idk-mine has 4.5/for the full screen issue-yep it doesnt play full-dont no y-sorry couldnt be of more help.
    01-02-09 09:28 PM
  6. jasschul5's Avatar
    Same story here. Got an Alltel 8330 last week and upgraded to 4.5. You tube is still not full screen. Annoying, hope there is a fix sometime.

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    01-04-09 11:42 AM
  7. kd7irm's Avatar
    Same here, I have 4.5 on a 8330 and youtube still does not play full screen.

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    01-04-09 11:56 AM
  8. crescent's Avatar
    You cannot play youtube full screen period. Buy an ipod touch and your problems are solved... Given you're at a wifi hotspot.

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    01-04-09 03:22 PM
  9. Vic0645's Avatar
    Congrats! The curve is a great unit. With youtube its hardly worth watching on a BB.

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    01-04-09 04:34 PM