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    never mind
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    10-27-09 04:52 PM
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    If u want to use ur ne2? Wait
    If u don't care; annual upgrade now
    They will not up your date for the sake of you getting the S2 I can guarentee u the managers and ccare reps, tech reps, store reps went through it w the storm they are going to hold steady and not waiver on it.
    My ne2 is in april... I'd love to get mine NOW but I'm patiently waiting.

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    10-27-09 05:12 PM
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    Have you received any offers or mailers? many times they send out offers to take advantage of ne2 early.

    aside from that, call and ask nicely. its a little far out being january, but they may do it. you never know til you ask.
    10-27-09 05:12 PM
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    i dont get this thread!!!!
    10-27-09 07:45 PM
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    The original poster has removed their question, either they got the answer they wanted, or didnt want it to be posted anymore.
    10-27-09 07:47 PM