1. ok4a56's Avatar
    Can you sync your Yahoo Mail without using the Yahoo App?

    Also, can you sync your calendar into your today screen?
    06-02-09 03:26 AM
  2. aubiker#CB's Avatar
    You can add your Yahoo mail to your blackberry just like any other email address. In fact, it is the only email I have found that actually reconciles like BES, so that your inboxes stay in sync - if you read it on one, it shows read on the other; if you delete it on one, it's deleted on the other - either direction.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no OTA sync between the Blackberry and the Yahoo Calendar.
    06-02-09 08:33 PM
  3. ok4a56's Avatar
    Thanks. I found a way I can sync Yahoo Calendar with outlook, so I guess I will do that and then sync my berry with outlook

    06-03-09 01:08 AM