1. dmarcus48's Avatar
    I'm about to go from AT&T to Verizon. The choice is between a Bold 9650 and the Storm 2. I have a Bold 9000 now (and yes I know it won't work on Verizon).

    The biggest thing is the Storm has 256 mb internal mem vs the Bold's 512 mb.
    06-29-10 03:20 PM
  2. snork's Avatar
    I think you need to ask yourself what phone you'd like better. Of course more memory is nice, but one is a full keyboard and the other is a touchscreen phone. Think about your usage, go try out the storm in the store and decide what you like better. You also have 30 days to decide, so if you get the Storm first and decide a touchscreen device is not for you, you can just take it back and get the Bold.

    I know many blackberry users are very much attached to their full qwerty keyboards, so if you're one of them then I think its clear what you should get.
    06-29-10 03:28 PM
  3. itsthemusic's Avatar
    2 totally different phones. No need to keep starting threads like this. Figure out what you like and use it. lets remember.....at the end of the day, its just a cellphone.
    06-29-10 03:30 PM
  4. dmarcus48's Avatar
    just a phone!!! WHat's wrong with you! I'm 60 and I love my blackberry's. But you're right. It is up to me.
    06-29-10 03:48 PM
  5. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Bold over the S2 every day. Physical QWERTY keypad is a dream compared to touch screen, especially if you plan on typing quite a bit. I have used both, and the Bold is really nice.
    06-29-10 06:05 PM
  6. pkcable's Avatar
    I think you really need to decide if you want to go touch or not, THAT is the decision. The memory should be OK either way, 256 is enough for any apps you are ever gonna want, you don't need 512. (1 caveat you MIGHT need 512 in order to be able to upgrade to OS6 BUT nothing is known for sure, and it's rumored that the Storm2 WILL be able to upgrade also) Now coming from the 9000 a keyboard berry, you MIGHT want to go for the 9650 and go for what you know, just with better specs, OR you might want to go for the 9550 Storm2 and try something new. Best bet might be to go to the store and spend a little time with each device. See if they will let you use one that is NOT attached to a wire also as the wire messes up the Storm's screen.
    06-29-10 09:15 PM
  7. MrObvious's Avatar
    I would play with inputting data on the 9550 and see if you like it. I mean try typing for an hour at the store.
    06-30-10 04:24 AM
  8. dmarcus48's Avatar
    I went with the 9650. Very nice phone, and they were running a buy one get one free, so my daughter was able to upgrade her phone (for free) as well.
    06-30-10 10:15 AM
  9. Feeeeg's Avatar
    I honestly find the full keyboard on the 9650 to be hard to use since keys are so small, but if you are used to it, then that might be the way to go.

    The reason I enjoy the suretype method on the s2 is that the keys are bigger I honestly can type almost as fast on my s2 as on a full keyboard for my pc.

    I get commented alot on how quick I respond to most people while txting or while using bbm.

    But it is your own opinion. Like everyone else has said try the s2 and the keyboard and try it for a bit with the suretype style. I cannot use my s2 in landscape mode with full keyboard, again keys too smal.It does have a learning curve, as certain key combinations will spell more than one word.

    Common ones I see are,,


    Just have to learn to pay attention with certain words.
    06-30-10 10:38 AM
  10. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    Try them both in a VZW store. I prefer 9650 over 9550, but you're not me.
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    06-30-10 10:46 AM
  11. MrObvious's Avatar
    I am pretty fast on the Tour keyboard (same as 9650) and even though it was small to get used to at first after a couple weeks I was used to it. Now I can actually type really fast compared to other phones. I need to do a speed test.
    06-30-10 11:49 AM
  12. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    9650, just my opinion...
    06-30-10 11:50 AM
  13. i_hiker's Avatar
    I went with the 9650. Very nice phone, and they were running a buy one get one free, so my daughter was able to upgrade her phone (for free) as well.
    Excellent choice! Played with the S2 and could not get into the touch screen. Looked at the Droid as well...went with the Bold. Great device...so far.

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    07-02-10 05:02 PM