10-06-11 05:13 PM
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  1. mtraver's Avatar
    Ok thanks.

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    08-02-09 02:12 PM
  2. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Keep us up to date
    08-02-09 03:07 PM
  3. mtraver's Avatar
    Will do...

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    08-02-09 03:57 PM
  4. topher2924's Avatar
    I'm going to start to work for blue mobile solutions..premium retailer of verizon

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    08-02-09 04:23 PM
  5. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Cool.. I don't mind people working for Verizon or a dealer.. I just hope you guys are honest and don't slam accounts when dealing with our customers.
    08-02-09 05:39 PM
  6. mtraver's Avatar
    Got a letter in the mail today... It's over....

    It's probably for the best as I think I make more money now than I would've at VZW. I just don't enjoy what I do anymore. :-(

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    08-05-09 04:28 PM
  7. Polychrome's Avatar
    Doesn't mean you can't keep trying.
    08-05-09 09:37 PM
  8. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Try again in six months. Sorry to hear that.
    08-05-09 11:42 PM
  9. mtraver's Avatar
    Try again in six months. Sorry to hear that.
    I might just do that...

    Thanks to everyone who has been following along.
    08-06-09 11:17 AM
  10. crackalackberry's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that M.... you should call the HR rep and ask what you can do better for next time, and then re-apply in 6 months. remember what you did wrong, and fix it for the next interview
    08-06-09 08:41 PM
  11. StayFly's Avatar
    Damn I wished they were hiring in San Diego, CA I would totally love to work there.
    08-06-09 09:03 PM
  12. crackalackberry's Avatar
    Damn I wished they were hiring in San Diego, CA I would totally love to work there.
    www.vzw.com/careers im sure they probably are
    08-06-09 09:16 PM
  13. thakidfrombk's Avatar
    whats goin on guys, im glad i stumbled on this page.
    i went to the open house earlier today in Manhattan for the sales rep position.
    members of the HR team were conducting the interview
    They asked about past retail experiences, also general questions like why i wanna work for the company.
    it was pretty straight forward, i think it went good.

    i asked about the next step in the hiring process and i was told i should hear back from them in 7-10 days. i hope i get in.

    anyone of you guys ever get in from attending "interview day"?
    if so what were the next steps to getting hired?

    i believe they are holding another one next week on thurs i believe (8/13) for those of you that are interested and are in the NYC area, the address is 981 3rd avenue.
    08-07-09 10:03 PM
  14. yourstrulee's Avatar
    1. Who is the first phone interview usually with?

    2. Let's say you applied as a Retail Sales Rep and went through your first phone interview. The interviewer states that you will receive a call or email within 7-10 days pending a background investigation, does that mean the interviewer has considered on hiring you or has decided to move on to the next phase/process? If not, what exactly does that mean?

    3. After the first phone interview, how long does it take for Verizon Wireless to get back to you and to schedule a second interview?

    4. Does the background check actually take 7-10 days to complete?

    5. How soon does Verizon Wireless send in my paperwork and application to A-Check (I think that's the correct company) for a background check?

    6. Can the interviewer actually decide to do a background check on you as a second step after the first phone interview or is that normally done after you've gone through all the other phases?

    7. What are the next steps after the phone interview and background check?

    8. What exactly shows up on the background investigation? Does a ticket that was thrown out or a couple of warnings show up in your background investigation?

    9. What happens if your dates of employment are inaccurate on the application and resume or if you thought the dates were accurate but it was found that the dates were inaccurate after a background check has been done?

    10. How long does the hiring process actually take?
    10-06-11 04:49 PM
  15. dhyde79's Avatar
    The short answer to your long list of questions is if #9 occurs, you're instantly not getting hired because you're falsifying employment information.
    10-06-11 05:11 PM
  16. dhyde79's Avatar
    Remember, Verizon is proud of the fact that they hire <2% of all applicants, if you can't get your paperwork perfect, they won't likely hire you, as there are plenty of other applicants applying for the same position that you are, and at least one of them, is likely to get their paperwork in order before applying for a job that's as detail oriented as retail sales for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the US. Now, bear in mind, that's when dealing with Verizon Wireless, the corporation, if you're applying at an agent location, their hiring practices are up to them.
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    10-06-11 05:13 PM
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