01-10-09 02:55 AM
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    haha good one
    01-08-09 10:37 AM
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    Every device has its own personality and traits - using Palm and WinMo and now Blackberry. I can't help but compare past experience with the present use of the Curve.

    By coming to a BB addict site I have (and others too) received a whole bunch of why this is better and even a few tweaks along the way. The intention of the post has been met -

    Almost every comment on here is a reinforcement on why it is so well liked and what others are doing.

    I too think the device is stable and you don't have much other choice, I also realize others might have a solution along the way. Solutions like how can you view a Windows Media Video would be nice, Solutions like there is a way to make the reconcile better. There is real news of the GPS working for more than just BB Maps and VZ Nav (seeing as how you are not VZW user, yet lurking here, this does not apply to you) however other VZW users would like the GPS to work with anything.

    Reality is the stability of the BB combined with some of the media features of WinMo or even iPhone would round these Blackberry devices out to be the best ever.

    It all about a stimulus package for us all to share the knowledge of the Berry

    At the risk of being "flamed,Blacklisted and reprimanded" I will say what no one else said. Going back to the first post on this thread, If you think so little of it why do you own it? Since you do own it and think so little of it why on earth would you come to a bb site "an addict site" and criticize it with not a single positive comment?

    Sorry, one sorta positive comment "you're really left with no other choice."

    Sorry people I couldn't help myself
    01-08-09 01:37 PM
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    Coming from a Palm, I found the whole stylus input thing to be rather tiresome. My friend has one for her work and she absolutely loves it, but to each their own. I find the trackball navigation to be second to none, for everything I can do on my BB.

    I find that the Blackberry does everything I want it to do and more. Media, email, internet, calendar, GPS, facebook, AIM, texting, the list goes on.

    For example, while away at conferences, a boring lecture is easily substituted for compulsive internet checking of sports scores or news feeds.

    The GPS features are excellent, and the option to work with free BBmaps, Google maps, or pay for service something like Garmin is excellent and has gotten me out of many jams. I don't feel like I need to buy a GPS for my car as long as I have my BB.

    The sync/push function works near flawlessly with calendars and email, keeping me updated with work/school.

    The phone works wonderfully, much better reception than my friends iphone.

    Now, I can only hope the Unify for Life price drops to a more affordable range...
    01-08-09 11:38 PM
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    Why do people post stupid stuff like this ?It all depends on your taste .If you don't like Blackberry DON'T buy it .
    01-10-09 02:55 AM
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