View Poll Results: Have you had or have a BB w/o a data plan?

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04-12-09 10:10 PM
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  1. patches152's Avatar
    authorized resellers aren't the most credible of references either, their base function is to sell you a new phone, they don't care a rat's *** about anything else. if you want to know about plans, warantee, insurance, options, call 1-800-922-0204...if an auth. reseller gives you a pearl and it starts to ping for data connection, you're gonna be charged up the *** for it, and when you call to have them credit you, they're only going to do so as if you've had the data feature, so they'll re-rate your bill...and add the data feature on. if you don't want a data plan go to AT&T
    04-12-09 05:02 PM
  2. Darthkuriboh's Avatar
    That's one thing I don't get about Verizon! You haave to pay an extra fee in order to own a certain phone? That seems stupid if you ask me! If you're willing to shell out the money to pay for the phone, where do they come off telling you can't use iit without the data plan? Stupid!!!

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    The entire point of a Berry runs on data (mms messaging, e-mail and good web browsing). If you don't have a data plan you have two options: use it and pay the casual data rates or don't use a Berry.

    I tear through almost 400 gigs of data on my Berry a month.
    04-12-09 05:39 PM
  3. gotblackberry's Avatar
    400 gigs? Really? I'd like to see a screenshot of that..
    04-12-09 08:18 PM
  4. Darthkuriboh's Avatar
    I youtube a LOT.
    04-12-09 08:44 PM
  5. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    I tear through almost 400 gigs of data on my Berry a month.
    400 gigs? Really? I'd like to see a screenshot of that..
    I youtube a LOT.
    A conservative estimate for the average size of a YouTube video is between 2MB and 3.5MB per minute. To demonstrate this example, let’s say we watch 10 five‐minute videos per month at an average bit rate of 3MB per minute.

    10 movies monthly X 5min each X 3MB per minute = 150MB per month

    BUT, we can cut this by about 75% on mobile view.

    10 movies monthly X 5min each X 0.75MB per minute = 38MB per month

    Considering there are 1024MB in a GB, it would take roughly 1365min of YouTube viewing to use one GB. Just to bring that into conservative numbers, lets just make it simple and say 1024min would make one GB.

    So to do 400GB on YouTube mobile, one would need to run 409,600min of video to make it to 400GB. Again, for simplicity, lets just call it 400,000min.

    Now, there are 60min in an hour, which works into 1440min in a day. This translates to 43,200min in a 30 day month. Where are the other minutes?

    Even if we were to take the data rate on a PC, with its larger bandwidth capabilities and higher resolution needs (yes, Google reformats for mobile), we can take the figues and add back in the other 75% of the original figure AND use the highest transfer rate of 3.5MB/min.

    400GB = 409,600MB
    409,600/3.5= 117,029

    So, if you were running non-stop YouTube 24X7, you'd use 151,200MB or 148GB.

    I don't buy 400GB or anything close to that.
    04-12-09 09:26 PM
  6. Darthkuriboh's Avatar
    I don't just use youtube alone. I also have several e-mail addresses where people send attatchments to, as well as web surfing, youtube is a BIG reason for my usage, but not the whole reason.

    It probably isn't actually 400 gigs, but I know it's a ton and I haven't bothered to actually count it up. I know it's in the 100+ gig territory.
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    04-12-09 09:34 PM
  7. Morf32's Avatar
    As a VZW Authorized Agent for the past 2 years I can tell you before the pearl came out on VZW there was a pay by MB plan for BB. Now it is required that we add it and it will not allow us to sell a BB with out the plan. In fact it even puts the 44.99 BES plan on there and if the person you are buying your phone from does not catch it you will not only be charged 44.99 per month until you catch this you will not be able use a personal email on your phone either.

    I just need to point out that the part of your post in red is wrong. My husband and I bought BBs and were originally charged for the $44.99 BES plan. We were billed for BES for the first two months we owned our phones (until we found out they were billing us incorrectly), and we were still able to have personal emails set-up on our phones for that entire two months.
    04-12-09 10:08 PM
  8. Darthkuriboh's Avatar
    You can, indeed, use personal e-mail on the 44.95 BES plan. It however does not make any sense, when the BIS plan is cheaper.

    Please remember when you buy and activate a Berry you want the E-mail and Web for Smartphone (29.99) feature.
    04-12-09 10:10 PM
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