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    I would really like to know the truth about how VZW phone release dates work. I've been told and/or read at least 3 different stories about new phone release dates .. in order they are October, Thanksgiving and near Christmas. Which is it and is this guaranteed? Do they then not release any new phones until the same time the following year?

    How to Avoid Getting Duped?

    I want the Torch (I know it's an ATT product but figuring VZW will release a similar phone perhaps by another name?) and I'm HOPING!!! VZW releases it in Oct. I see the S3 got canceled so maybe the Torch will replace the S3 release?

    Bottom line is this: due to sporatic phone problems that are annoying the heck out of us we are looking to get new phones. If the Torch doesn't hit VZW in October (or whenever you tell me they release phones FOR SURE!) I don't want to go with something else one month and find out the next month that the Torch is now available.

    10-01-10 03:59 AM
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    I highly doubt you'll see thwe Torch or a phone like it. RIM and AT&T worked on that phone so its an AT&T exclusive device. You'll probably never see it on Verizon.

    In regards to knowing release dates, its pretty gray. Sometimes there are very credible leaks...other times it is just a rumor. There is no way of telling unless interal Verizon documents are leaked. Even than, they are subject to change.

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    10-01-10 07:59 AM
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    The only truth you'll find is if your carrier makes an official announcement. Everything else is just more or less speculation, and I wouldn't base future plans on what folks are speculating about. I did that before I bought my 8330, because I was waiting for Bold to release to vzw and it never materialized until nearly a year later in the form of the tour.
    10-01-10 08:00 AM
  4. Wireless Vet's Avatar
    I would really like to know the truth about how VZW phone release dates work.
    It's unbelievably simple to understand. When Verizon Wireless states something will be released, you know when it will be released for sure. Until then, everything else is nothing but speculation and rumor.
    10-03-10 07:42 AM
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    Agreed. There doesn't seem to be any particular time of the year associated with new releases.

    As our OP stated, there does seem to be a lot of ACTIVITY towards the end of the year, but that's usually promotional in nature, since folks are looking to buy new phones, particularly on family plans, for holiday gifts. So you'll often see a newer phone coupled with some that have been around a while, as a "Buy this one, get two of that one FREE" deal. But this doesn't always involve a bunch of actual new releases.
    10-05-10 12:45 AM