08-25-09 12:21 PM
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  1. eve6er69's Avatar
    And would pay $300, just too much taxes and Fee's added,
    Ok just trying to help.
    300 a month is a bmw payment, lol

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    04-20-09 04:49 PM
  2. vatothe0's Avatar
    I'm dealing with verizon, and i'm not really looking for a break in taxes and fee's, i just need a little discount, thats all,
    Start a real business account, get a discount.

    04-20-09 09:23 PM
  3. spatterfree's Avatar
    costs too much, cheaper that way,
    04-20-09 09:36 PM
  4. vatothe0's Avatar
    I don't think you understood what I was saying.

    If you start a real business account, you will get a discount.
    04-20-09 09:39 PM
  5. spatterfree's Avatar
    what discount are you talking about?
    8% helps, but not enough,
    04-20-09 09:43 PM
  6. vatothe0's Avatar
    Then get more lines so your discount goes up.
    04-20-09 09:48 PM
  7. spatterfree's Avatar
    sounds like a good idea,
    lets get all the crackberry subscribers together as one plan and get one hack of a discount at verizon, who first?
    04-20-09 10:11 PM
  8. vatothe0's Avatar
    There are already Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) that do that.
    04-20-09 10:19 PM
  9. spatterfree's Avatar
    how do they work?
    04-20-09 10:23 PM
  10. vatothe0's Avatar
    how do they work?
    Group purchasing organization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    04-20-09 11:17 PM
  11. eve6er69's Avatar
    All of this to get money off a bill?
    Seems like a lot of work to try to get 12 different discounts.
    My work gives me. 30 percent discount on vzw plans.
    Usually if you get 1 discount they won't give you another so pick your discount wisely, lol

    I was able to combine 2 with nextel only because I worked for 2 different companies that offered discounts 8% and 15%. But that was 5 yrs ago

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    04-20-09 11:47 PM
  12. Berry Hazey's Avatar
    Can anybody tell if TAXES are calculated before or after the discount is applied???? looking at the bill it appears its taxed after the discount, thus reducing tax, but I just want to be sure.... thanks
    08-24-09 07:14 PM
  13. datstudandre's Avatar
    I have the 1400 select its 130 and 9. 99 each line four lines total three of them blackberries ins 4. 99 for my glide and six each for the bb. I get a 15 percent discount be about 260. 00 a month with tax

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    08-24-09 08:43 PM
  14. itsthemusic's Avatar
    The government doesnt discount their taxes lol.
    08-25-09 12:21 PM
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