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    To the OP, if you can tell the difference, congratulations. I didn't know that the phones in the plain brown boxes behind the counter at vzw were refurbished until someone told me they were. I thought they were just new phones packaged without the accessories

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    something just looks bad when you see a device is a tiny plain white box with no battery attached lol
    11-02-09 10:22 PM
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    But a legit warranty issue is different. If its not repairable and deems that a replacement be issued, I don't see how CS can justify a "like new" device. Its your money! You paid for a "new" phone! Now you get a refurb after you paid for new?
    Well that "new" phone that you send in 6 months later is not so "new" anymore. You have at that point a used phone. You sent in a used phone - what makes you think you are eligible for a "new" phone? Many times the phones that get replaced under warranty are better looking than the one's coming in.

    Again, if you have a problem with this policy, then send it to RIM and have them repair your phone. Then you can have a phone you bought brand "new" and just sent in to be worked on with no guarantee that it won't ever malfunction again. The phone IS repairable, but not in the store or over the phone.

    Oh and until RIM or any other phone manufacturer starts providing free handsets for everyone who has an issue with their phone don't expect VZW to change their policy on this matter.
    11-02-09 10:28 PM
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    There are measures in place to ensure that you don't get stuck with a POS.
    You mean VZW will now multi-fru a non-BlackBerry for the defective BlackBerry?

    Oh wait - defects in BlackBerry are design features!

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    11-02-09 10:33 PM
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    Below is your alternative to exchanging the phone in warranty:

    Service Program Instructions

    Now that you have chosen the service program that works for you, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Contact the BlackBerry Customer Contact Center at 1-877-255-2377. Please be prepared to provide the ESN of your BlackBerry smartphone. A Contact Center Representative will work with you to provide a timely solution to your problem. Many technical difficulties can be solved through hard resets and software reloads
    2. If your BlackBerry smartphone needs to be repaired or exchanged, the Contact Center Representative will verify your shipping address, provide you with a Support Incident Number and, in the case of out of warranty service, your service options
    3. Once your request has been processed, you will be emailed a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form that must be included with your return for customs purposes. Be sure to include a copy of the RMA form in the sleeve of the shipping pouch

    A few things to remember:

    • You will be billed for repair costs if the problem associated with the BlackBerry smartphone is not covered by the RIM limited warranty

    • In the case of an exchange, you must return the damaged or failed BlackBerry smartphone within seven (7) days of receiving your replacement smartphone. Otherwise, the RMA will be cancelled and you will be charged for the replacement. Also, your damaged BlackBerry smartphone will be deactivated three (3) days from the time your RMA request has been processed

    • Please wait at least five (5) business days before calling the BlackBerry Customer Contact Center to check the status of your shipment

    All services associated with your current BlackBerry smartphone will be transferred to your replacement device.

    Or RIM's "Exchange Program":

    Exchange Program

    The Exchange service program applies to both in warranty and out of warranty BlackBerry smartphones. The program is designed to minimize downtime when you are experiencing technical difficulties with your BlackBerry smartphone.
    A replacement, refurbished smartphone will be exchanged for your damaged or failed smartphone. This replacement BlackBerry smartphone will become your permanent smartphone:

    • You will receive your replacement smartphone within several business days. Once you receive the replacement, use the same packaging to return your damaged or failed smartphone

    • Please do not return your SIM, holster, cradle, or battery

    • For return shipment purposes, you will be provided with a courier waybill. The waybill is pre-stamped with our address and shipping information. Please add your information to the waybill and attach it to the package to ship 'COLLECT'

    Please hold on to your copy of the courier waybill. RIM does not keep the waybill number on record, so please note this number at time of shipping in case you need to verify proof of delivery.
    11-02-09 10:35 PM
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    if its under warranty, then it should just be replaced "as new." There's no arguing that point! If its deemed a legitamate issue that needs replacement, I cant see any point changing my mind on that. Now... its not my issue. I'm just replying like everyone else to the OP and the thread.

    As for a defect 6 months later or more... If warranty is for 1 year, then warranty is for 1 year and 6 months is within that 1 year! Simple mathematics!

    But.... I always stayed true to believing that a warranty device should be repaired first! if its not a repairable issue, only then should it be replaced. I'm willing to bet that there is next to ZERO things that can legitamately "warranty damage" a device after 6 months of use to warrant a FULL replacement. So instead of arguing that simple idea, you can take the common sense approach, put the burden on the tech side to determine its legitamacy and handle it as you would want your own family's issue to be handled. if "new" replacements are being issued like hotcakes, then blame your employees/co-workers for not doing their jobs and letting the trolls get away with this. Do not blame legit customers!

    I have had plenty of replacements in my day that were not warranted but they insisted anyway. If people did their job, I'm sure you'd fix more than 99% of peoples problems without issuing new replacements. Diplomicy works both ways!
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    Regardless of your argument it will never change. Anyone needing a warranty replacement will be given a CLNR and not a new device unless they qualify.

    And you're right. If the tech was smart enough, then they could fix most problems. The difficulty with call center reps is proving that the phone has nothing more wrong with it. The customer WILL sometimes lie and then you have the assholes wanting to deny completing a hard reset for a software problem or closing out apps instead of running Fbook, Yahoo, Browser, Media Player, Camera, etc.. all at one time. They demand a brand new phone.

    But guess what? Simple economics prevail. That's the normal supervisor escalations that get shot down real quick...
    11-02-09 10:50 PM
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    back to my toyota. My 6 disk CD changer died on my car after 2 1/2 years. The part needed to be ordered from Toyota and installed by the dealer. This was not talked about as being a "like new" radio! It was just a brand new radio! Simple! No bickering, no childishness back and forth.

    Now... I have no idea and nor does anyone know if these things are "REALLY" new. Thats up to the trustworthiness of the company. But regardless, its stated that it is a NEW replacement for damage that was out of the customers control! It isnt even QUESTIONABLE in other products CS.

    Same thing happened with my Samsung TV 3 years ago! The rep from Samsung came to my house, repaired the TV and that was it. But he stated that if he couldnt repair it, they would send me a new one under warranty! Not a LIKE NEW. A NEW ONE!

    frustration kicks in when something is so easy to understand yet, people attempt to make you do long division for nothing
    11-02-09 10:56 PM
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    And you're right. If the tech was smart enough, then they could fix most problems. The difficulty with call center reps is proving that the phone has nothing more wrong with it. The customer WILL sometimes lie and then you have the assholes wanting to deny completing a hard reset for a software problem or closing out apps instead of running Fbook, Yahoo, Browser, Media Player, Camera, etc.. all at one time. They demand a brand new phone.
    I had a guy today...wasn't lying or anything. But he'd been having issues with a slow blackberry for a long time, and had his device replaced a couple times over it. He tried to fix his slow-blackberry issue by installing OS5...but then he restored whatever backup he had right over it.

    It took awhile to explain to him that the device needed to be seriously cleaned up, and just backing up and restoring wasn't enough. That we needed to wipe the device and only restore things like PIM information and other files. (Large files would be moved to the SD card of course.) We couldn't even find where all his space went! If you're having issues, you don't do a straight restore from a backup you were having issues with.

    This is why a lot of techs won't budge until you do as they say. Especially with PDAs, way too often an issue is result of something the user downloaded, installed, or just didn't understand. When you're handling what is essentially a computer with the same power and temperamentality as a windows 98 desktop machine (which is where all PDAs of this day and time are pretty much at), you have to understand these devices have limits. I don't care if you're using Blackberry, Windows Mobile, i'm-trying-to-look-richPhone, Palm, Android, whatever!

    I still get customers who want replacements because they don't understand that a Blackberry will multitask! Their device freezes....because they're running 30 things at once.

    PDAs are fun, but they take a certain amount of patience and understanding most customers don't have to fully enjoy. I realize I sound almost like some sort of wine-snob here, but it's true.
    11-02-09 11:36 PM
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    good posting! I had a memory leak when I first got my curve. Told the rep about it. Of course, at the time, I didnt understand memory leaks since it was my first blackberry. I would start up VZ Nav and it would freze or have endless hour glass issues. He immediately suggested a new replacement without any steps. At the time, going by his advice, I was like oh wow, ummm ok? I even asked, are you sure it should be replaced? he stated yes, its doing things that it should not. I said cause u know, I really would like to avoid it since its so complicated to get all your info to another device. In the end, I followed the advice and just took it as another great form of customer service.

    At the end of the day, things like this is what breaks the entire process. Now understanding blackberries and looking back, it was a waist of a replacement because a simple wipe would of fixed the phone.

    VZ needs to think about these things before they impliment the wrong solutions to problems as they occur. Just a little advice from what I have seen.
    11-03-09 12:15 AM
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    it's funny to see whos a rep here and the customer... you could come up with camparisions for anything, it's like saying if someone hit your car and totalled it would i get a like new car or a brand new car? lol just saying
    11-03-09 12:41 PM
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    Have you ever total'd a car? I have. They don't give you a new car they give you a check for what they deem the car is worth (which is usually less than what its really worth private party).

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