1. Jim from NW Pa's Avatar
    Of getting VZW to push my upgrade up?

    I have an annual coming up on 3/14. Wondering if there is any chance of getting that pushed up a month
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    01-18-11 08:25 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    Only way to find out is to call and ask nicely...
    01-18-11 08:51 PM
  3. markhunsaker's Avatar
    It just depends...usually on annual upgrades, no. But it never hurts to ask...nicely.
    01-18-11 09:55 PM
  4. bighap's Avatar
    Are you that anxious for an iphone?
    01-19-11 01:25 AM
  5. Jim from NW Pa's Avatar
    Not sure that I am getting an iPhone.... i just know that I am not really happy with the WinMo phone that I have now
    01-19-11 09:29 PM
  6. ibanez37's Avatar
    Pretty small.. sometimes the supervisors let us go early on your normal upgrade, but annual is really pushing it with it being so early anyways. I've never had any luck but it doesn't hurt to ask.
    01-20-11 05:26 PM
  7. miro's Avatar
    I have a NE2 coming up March 12. i called to see if they can move it up. I was very nice as I always am to vzw. They are always very nice to me as well. Unfortunately, they were not willing to move it up a month for the iphone launch. And now that they are discontinuing the program, this will be the last $50 i ever save with them.

    I will wait a month. I love my Tour but always like to try new vzw devices. I tried the incredible for 30 days and did not like it. I have no doubt I will feel the same about iphone but why not give it a 2 week try.
    01-21-11 10:19 AM