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    Soooo, I just sent my 4th 8330 back last week, and my new or refurb. 8330 got here and I notice something the other night. I would plug it into the charge and on the back of the phone at the button that you press to release the back slide or the phone gives out a spark or shock. It's strong enough it hurts when you have the phone in you hand...only does it though when its charging....my question is can VZW just give me a different model Blackberry I have a upgrade(but want to wait until this summer to see what comes out before I use it) but I am tired of having to send my 8330 back every 4-6months.......
    01-26-11 01:21 PM
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    Umm...Idk what to tell you other then go ahead and use your upgrade bc 4 8330 would of already killed me with all the sending them back. Lots of good phones already out and if you dont want to use the upgrade then check ebay or even here for BBs that are being sold.
    01-26-11 01:27 PM
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    Be polite with your CSR/tech rep when you call in & explain that you've had several replacements for your current phone & ask if its possible to switch to another blackberry device & that you'd be happy to swap for a refurbished device, since you just need/want something that works. If you've got a sympathetic rep, they'll most likely swap you to another refurbished device w/o cost. Your issues with the device regarding valid reasons for replacement should be documented in notes on your account. Keep in mind that swapping for refurbished devices may only work if you currently have the $5.99/month insurance on the line. However, because of the age of your device & the fact that VZW has stopped selling the 8330, you might be better off upgrading to something newer. Call & see what options they give you, just don't lose your cool on the phone - nobody wants to help a ****. Good luck

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    01-26-11 01:55 PM
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    Great idea, thanks, I am def. not one to get worked up over a phone lol I just want something that works thats all.
    01-26-11 02:01 PM
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    Just got off the phone with a VZW rep, and basically all they could do was send me another number"6" 8330 or I could go ahead and use my upgrade...and also pointed out that it may be a few days bc inventory on 8330 was very low....my question was WHY? You don't sell them anymore??? and I got an "uhhhhhhh!" lol

    Also told me that a CPO Bold wasn't but a skip difference in what I currently have now....IMO that's a huge difference.
    01-26-11 03:30 PM
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    How did you go from 4 to 6 replacments?
    And you're not entitled to a Bold because of your Curves issues.

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    01-26-11 04:02 PM
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    How did you go from 4 to 6 replacments?
    And you're not entitled to a Bold because of your Curves issues.

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    ....well since I have sent "4" back means I currently have the "5th" and the VZW Rep. said they would send me a new one if I wanted it...which would mean...that it would be the "6th"

    and nobody said I was entitled to a BOLD! The rep just happened to tell me that!
    01-26-11 07:13 PM
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    Well what you can hope is that they are out of stock the day y need a replacement and they can offer a comparable device which will be a 8530 or a 9330 (if you're lucky).
    01-26-11 08:34 PM