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    so i'm having this issue, and i'm pretty sure it's on the verizon end. it started happening with my 9650 bold about a week before i got my 9930 (aug 16th) and is still happening now with the new bold. almost every time i try to call someone, it will say 'connected' but remain silent...no ringing phone and the other person's phone doesn't receive a call either. but if i call back right away, it works just fine. if i make a call 'through' google voice, it will go straight through first time. it's strange because it's happened on both devices, so it's not something with one of them. anyone else having this? i've done the '*228, option 2' thing already...several times...and it's still happening
    08-23-11 03:46 PM
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    I would suggest calling in, if it is on the Verizon end, there's nothing anybody here can do.

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    08-23-11 04:40 PM
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    i was just more curious if anyone is experiencing the issue...
    08-23-11 05:47 PM
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    Had it happen one time where I called someone and it said connected but there was silence on the line. Also would totally lose service for a few hours after a heavy rain sometimes when I was at home. IF you're in the same place, ie. at home, make a note of the time and date when it happens. If it keeps happening call Verizon and immediately ask to speak to technical support. There could be an issue with the tower in your area. There was with mine and they sent out someone the next day to take a look at it in my case.
    08-23-11 08:05 PM
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    I realise that I'm reviving an old thread, but I am experiencing this issue now.
    I do *not* believe that this is a Verizon problem because I also have a 9810 and a 9860 from AT&T and it's also happened on them. Strangely, it has nOT happened on my "cheap" 9370.
    I also have a 9650 on Verizon which does NOT experience this problem.
    Either this is a HUGE coincidence or this is a flaw in OS7 devices.
    These phones are failing at the MOST BASIC function.
    And before anyone asks - I always get the same apps. So those apps I have on my OS7 devices I also have on my OS6. And they did not have this problem.
    If you sense a bit of anger, it's because I am on a business trip and I cannot trust my phone to perform something as simple as a basic call.
    Yes, I'm returning it.
    I will get a refurm.
    And $20 says I'll have the same problem with it.
    04-17-12 08:06 AM
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    If you're having network issues, uncheck and recheck wireless network under connection options. If that doesn't work dial *228 from your phone, select option 1, and let your phone go through the activation cycle. Reboot and it should be resolved.

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    04-22-12 06:45 PM
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    See this post:

    My 9930 was doing it almost nonstop about a month ago and then just stopped. Hadn't done it again till yesterday, so not sure what triggers it exactly.
    04-29-12 02:41 PM