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    Hi All,
    We are a small business in South Dakota and we switched from alltel to Verizon because Verizon has better phones, we all have data plans and paying 29.99 per month per line (30 lines), which would be reasonable IF the data would actually work, we need data, we are depending on it, but it's failing us more and more, it came to the point where we would actually need a hotspot (wifi) to actually check our email and browse, at first it was a bit weak, kind of slow, but right now we are down to less then 20 kb data and sometimes it's totally off, like no bars, no connection, which is totally unacceptable and we need to do something about it, ok, my post is getting a bit long, but i need to know how to get started on how to convince Verizon to at LEAST give us a booster for our 1 mile radius area, anybody HELP please,
    11-23-10 05:40 PM
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    Call customer service, and just ask nicely. Explain your problem and what you would like to help fix the problem. If you remain rational and courtous, the rep may be more willing to go the extra mile.

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    11-23-10 09:45 PM
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    so you think thats all it would take? what could they possibly offer me?
    i tried contacting them about a tower about 9 months ago, but they never replied,
    i know our area have poor coverage in general, small town 5 miles southeast of here has 0 coverage and sprint moved in and put up a repeater so they switched to sprint, im guessing they wouldn't do anything to expand 3g since they're working on 4g already,
    11-24-10 09:29 AM
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    They will send you over tech support - most likely a trouble ticket will be done. If it comes back that there are no problems and the area you are in might be a problem area, this opens other options to you. It has been my experience that if there are expansion plans, it will be noted and communicated to you.
    11-24-10 11:42 AM