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    So I got my warranty replacement today, and it was a royal POS. The screen was so loose it felt like it was going to fall out of the phone. Called customer service and they are sending me another refurb. The girl I spoke to was very nice about it, and in less than 5 minutes I had another replacement phone being sent to me.

    Am I just being picky? The refurb seemed to work ok, but my storm is nice and tight. The replacement just felt cheap. Everytime I changed orientation of the phone I heard the screen go "clunk". I just want a phone that feels of the same quality as mine. I guess I will keep doing this until I get a decent replacement...
    05-29-09 10:52 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    Nope, I would have done the same thing
    05-29-09 10:56 PM
  3. Iceman's Avatar
    I don't think you are being picky. You just want a device that is as you said nice & tight. I think most people would do the same as you and ask for another...
    05-29-09 11:00 PM
  4. pricej636's Avatar
    So now I've gone through two replacement phones. The first one as said above had a really loose screen. On the second replacement, the screen wouldnt hardly click in the corners, only the center.

    Which leads me to the conclusion that the Storm might just suck!! I've never had an issue with refurbished devices before. I mean sure there are always exceptions, but to get two devices that SHOULD have been either fixed at RIM or at least not put back into circulation is fairly ridiculous.

    I am getting a NEW phone sent to me tomorrow. Right now I have three Storms sitting on my desk and none of them work correctly. I can honestly say my next phone WILL be a traditional keyboard blackberry, and unelss they have major issues upon release it will more than likely be the 9630.
    06-01-09 03:02 PM
  5. pricej636's Avatar
    Just another quick update...

    Because I already had two replacement devices (even though I never activated them) it put me in multi-fru to get a new device.
    06-01-09 09:42 PM
  6. Iceman's Avatar
    Wow next stop for you if you haven't already visited is ths link.

    06-01-09 09:46 PM
  7. pricej636's Avatar
    LOL, I went over and put in my stats. The new one will be my 4th storm. And a week ago I was still on number 1
    06-01-09 09:58 PM
  8. Iceman's Avatar
    LOL, I went over and put in my stats. The new one will be my 4th storm. And a week ago I was still on number 1
    I hope you have much better luck with it my friend...
    06-01-09 10:15 PM