1. bufstr's Avatar
    Received a text from VZW yesterday offering upgrade to a new phone with 2 year activation and debit card rebate. Says its the Q2 opt out. Is VZW letting people out of their contracts early. Have a curve and was looking to upgrade to a storm..Any ideas, offer expires on January 10th..
    12-27-08 11:07 AM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    TO validate the offer call VZW 800-922-0204. Most likely if it good they are not letting you out early, but getting you sign additional two years from the activation of the device. kind of like an early upgade.
    12-27-08 11:41 AM
  3. Bramsy's Avatar
    Hahahaha, trickered!

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    12-27-08 12:55 PM
  4. XCalibration17's Avatar
    Well, I sure wish I got that offer. I want a storm. I know that it is still a work in progress, but I have faith it will get better.
    12-27-08 07:53 PM
  5. bx2md's Avatar
    I think the q2 opt out is not to receive txt from them any more
    12-28-08 12:17 AM