08-05-09 02:09 PM
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    as much as i enjoyed the paycheck i got from VZW, i do NOT miss working for them. especially as a care rep. the other tasks i was allowed to do instead of sit at a phone taking calls was a nice breather, but try to promote in that company and get any kind of raise...might as well be molasses running uphill in January...
    I agree with this. Trying to get promoted is a pain. for those who dont know, you have to remain in your current position for 9 months before being eligible to be promoted, or 12 months if you want to go to a different channel (customer service to b2b as an example). and they rarely let you skip positions as well (say sales rep to assistant manager, have to be a sales supervisor first).
    07-29-09 10:06 PM
  2. R.O.C.'s Avatar
    A little bit of fact here:

    - Verizon also saw 21% loss in profits
    - Verizon churn now sits at 1.35, when it was .7 this time last year (means more people are starting to leave Verizon)

    - Verizon actually saw a loss in their APRU 51$, means their not making as much money of their subs as Sprint and ATT sit at 57$ and 59$ respectively....Amazing Sprint with 49m subs makes more money off those 49million subs then Verizon with its 87m...Means a majority of VZW subs only have bottom of the barrell plans with No Messaging Plans or Data Plans. Verizon should learn (and ATT to) that you make more $$$ by having more fair pricing...Not Gouging the public to your greedy little hearts content....Wont be long til Verizon and ATT starting feeling pricing pressure.

    Not to mention Verizon is talking of laying off 8K workers because of the loss in profits.
    You're numbers are all a little crooked.
    For one, Verizon's ARPU is at $51.10, AT&T's is at $50.70, and Sprint's is at $56. Now while Sprint's is higher, if you do the math, they're in fact NOT making anywhere near as much money as Verizon, even with a higher ARPU.
    So, Sprint makes more money per subsriber, but it really doesn't matter as they are hemorrhaging customers at a ridiculous rate. You mentioned Verizon's churn rate being 1.35%, the real number is 1.37%, which of course is worse, BUT, compared to AT&T's 1.49% and Sprint's 2.05% (Sprint lost 991,000 postpaid subscribers in the past quarter), Verizon is keeping their customer's better.

    If Verizon can learn anything from Sprint its how to not run a wireless company.
    08-05-09 04:11 AM
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    In regards to not getting promotions, I see it differently. I worked in one of the largest retail locations and there were always promotions, to Sales rep, AM, DM, B2B, and from retail into headquarters office. Also from techs to customer service to sales. Not to mention pay increases and bonus checks.

    I can't spout accurate statistics like some of the posters here, but there is a reason why employers keep you in your position for 9-12 months. It costs approximately $20K to hire an employee. They have to make that money back and profit off of you somehow (I learned that figure back in Nextel in 1997 working in customer service making $24K a yr). They're not promoting you to screw you, they're doing it because there is a calculation involved as you are an investment.

    I have worked in only 4 other companies but VZW was by far the best one. The benefits and attention to their employees is superb.

    08-05-09 01:46 PM
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    hahah yea dont go posting anythin that hasnt been released yet..pretty good job that u got here
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