1. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    I've been trying for 2 days now to login to vzwpix.com and check some MMS Messages I received but I haven't been able to get on. Via the PC it says its unavailable and via my BB it says my login info is wrong. Anyone else having a problem?
    11-02-07 09:59 AM
  2. Ms.Min's Avatar
    I am not I was able to log on abouyt 5 minutes ago when I received a picture text
    11-02-07 11:25 AM
  3. pgregory's Avatar
    www.vzpix.com is a slow and painful experience.

    I was able to log on using my computer, however.

    On my BB, I had to set my browser emulation mode to Microsoft IE. (in options of browser)

    Or you can download opera mini and use that.
    11-02-07 01:48 PM
  4. lea's Avatar
    i had issues but i just realized that the login info is the same as My Account. when it use to be getitnow settings. but it works fine on my BB. I just cant get MM messages.
    11-03-07 07:11 PM
  5. pgregory's Avatar
    Yeah verzion turned off MM messages to the BB because it doesnt have a camera and they dont feel it needs them. So we're stuck using thier website instead.
    11-05-07 09:00 AM
  6. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    What I meant was that the website wouldn't load at all on my PC or BB for a few days. When it finally came around, all my stored messages and uploads were gone. Emails to Verizon didn't seem to help. They told me how to view the site but made no mention to the lost messages.
    11-05-07 09:44 AM
  7. pgregory's Avatar
    Gotcha. Thats messed up. I didnt have any messages or images stored so i couldn't tell you if it happend to me or not. I suspect you're not the only person that happened to.
    11-05-07 12:52 PM