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    I am about to install my new Network Extender. I am in a marginal coverage area and VZW gave it to me AT NO CHARGE!!!!! So i was setting up the managed users area on there website and found the FAQ and thought it might
    clear things up for some people.

    General Information
    What is Verizon Wireless' Network Extender?
    The Verizon Wireless Network Extender enhances indoor cellular coverage to provide more reliable wireless service. The Network Extender is compatible with all Verizon Wireless phones and works like a miniature cell tower in your home or home office. Easy to install, the Network Extender plugs into your existing high-speed Internet connection to communicate with the Verizon Wireless network.
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    Where can I buy a Network Extender?
    You can purchase a Network Extender online or by calling (800) 256-4646. You must be an existing Verizon Wireless subscriber in order to purchase a Network Extender.
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    Do I have to pay additional fees to use a Network Extender?
    No. There are no additional costs to use the Network Extender. You only need to purchase the unit. All rates and policies associated with your chosen calling plan also apply when connected to the Network Extender.
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    Where can I use my Network Extender?
    Network Extender will operate anywhere within the Verizon Wireless Enhanced Services coverage area. Not available in the Extended Enhanced Services coverage area or outside of the United States. Refer to Verizon Wireless coverage maps for details.
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    What type of Internet connection do I need?
    Your Verizon Wireless Network Extender will work with most broadband or DSL connections (from Verizon or another Internet service provider). A minimum broadband speed of 300 Kbps is required. The Network Extender is not recommended for use with EVDO or satellite broadband service.
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    Which features are not compatible with the Network Extender?
    Network Extender does not support Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband (EVDO) data speeds, the V CAST family of products or Location Based Services (LBS). Examples of LBS include VZ Navigator and Chaperone. The V CAST family of products may still operate when such services are available from the nearest Verizon Wireless cell tower. Mobile Broadband (EVDO) data speeds may still be available when Mobile Broadband service is available from the nearest Verizon Wireless cell tower. NationalAccess data speeds are available when Mobile Broadband data speeds are not available. Visit Verizon Wireless for details on individual product coverage requirements.
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    Network Extender Setup
    How do I know that my Network Extender is set up correctly?
    You can verify that the various Network Extender components are functioning properly by checking that the four LED lights on the front of the device are a steady blue (the WAN light may be either steady or blinking):

    PWR Power
    SYS System
    GPS GPS Signal
    WAN WAN (Ethernet) Connection
    Please refer to the User Guide that came with your Network Extender for additional details on device setup and troubleshooting. Also, refer to the latest version of the User Manual.
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    Do I need to apply any settings to my mobile phone in order to connect to my Network Extender?
    No. The Network Extender is compatible with all Verizon Wireless mobile phones. You do not need to change any settings on your mobile phone.
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    Why does the Network Extender need to be placed near a window?
    Placing the Network Extender close to a window will assist in acquiring a GPS signal. If your Network Extender cannot be placed near a window or has trouble receiving a GPS signal, refer to the User Manual for instructions on installing the GPS antenna cable.
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    Why does a Network Extender require Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) service?
    The Network Extender uses GPS service to obtain time and the device location information. Location information is used to support Emergency (E911) service.
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    Do specific ports need to be enabled on my router or firewall for a Network Extender to work?
    A Network Extender uses standard ports to make its connection through the Internet. It should not require any special port configuration. In those rare instances in which the Network Extender is unable to connect to the Verizon Wireless network; you may need to open ports 500, 4500, 53, and 52428. Contact your ISP, Network Administrator, or switch/router/firewall manufacturer for detailed instructions on how to open ports on your equipment.
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    Network Extender Management
    Can I manage access to my Network Extender?
    Yes. Network Extender owners can sign into My Verizon to manage device settings. You can set your Network Extender for open or managed access. Open Access allows any Verizon Wireless phone within range to use your Network Extender. Under Managed Access, you have the ability to prioritize access to your Network Extender to up to 50 Verizon Wireless callers you select. Where a compatible cell tower is unavailable, callers that do not appear on your managed access list may access the Network Extender when not in use by priority callers. All callers may access the Network Extender for emergency (E911) calls.
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    Does the Network Extender require a computer?
    No. The Network Extender requires a broadband Internet connection, but it does not require a computer in order to provide wireless coverage. However, you do need a computer (or other web-enabled device) to manage your device access settings via the My Verizon website. Your computer is not required to be powered on to enjoy the benefits of your Network Extender.
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    Using Network Extender
    How do I connect to the Network Extender network?
    When entering the coverage area of your Network Extender, your mobile phone must be within 15* feet of the device in order to establish an initial connection. Once you have connected to the network, you can move within a broader coverage area (up to a 5,000 square foot area) while remaining under Network Extender coverage. You simply make and receive calls as usual as long as you stay within the Network Extender coverage area.

    * The coverage area required to establish an initial connection and the broader coverage area of the Network Extender cannot be guaranteed and may vary due to environmental factors such as physical structures and the strength of external cell tower coverage.
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    How do I know if I am connected to the Network Extender network?
    You can verify that you are connected to the Network Extender network by either dialing #48 and pressing Send to receive an audio announcement or by detecting a short double tone on your wireless phone whenever making or receiving a call.
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    Will my phone disconnect when I move from my Network Extender coverage area to an outside area?
    No. Your call will continue uninterrupted when you move outside of the Network Extender coverage area (provided sufficient signal strength from your nearest compatible cell tower exists at your location).
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    Will a call placed outside of the coverage area transfer to the Network Extender network?
    No. Calls initiated outside of the Network Extender coverage area are not transferred when entering the range of the Network Extender network. You will need to end the current call in order to connect to the Network Extender.
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    Can I take my Network Extender with me when I travel?
    Yes. The Network Extender will operate anywhere Verizon Wireless offers wireless service, provided that there is a compatible broadband Internet connection. Refer to the Verizon Wireless coverage maps for details.
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    Can I make international calls with Network Extender?
    You can place and receive international calls while connected to the Network Extender. However, the same Verizon Wireless policies and rates that apply to international calls on the Verizon Wireless network also apply to Network Extender.
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    Does the Network Extender place less drain on my mobile phone battery?
    Yes. When connected to the Network Extender, you may experience less drain on your mobile phone battery.
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    What happens if I lose my connection to the Internet?
    The Network Extender requires an active broadband Internet connection. You will not be able to utilize Network Extender functionality until your Internet connection is restored. When your Internet connection is restored, the Network Extender will reestablish its connection.
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    Does a Network Extender affect a customers broadband performance?
    The impact on broadband performance varies depending on the Internet service provider and the broadband speed. A Network Extender utilizes approximately 40 Kbps of upload and download capacity per call.
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    Will my call quality be impacted if I am uploading or downloading large files while using the Network Extender?
    Call quality can be affected when your broadband connection is being used simultaneously by bandwidth intensive applications (e.g. emailing large attachments). Factors such as the type and speed of your broadband connection will influence the impact to call quality.
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    Can I use Directory Assistance (411 Search) with Network Extender?
    Yes. Directory Assistance (411 Search) is available when calling inside the Network Extender coverage area. Calls are billed at standard 411 Search rates.
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    Can I use more than one Network Extender in the same home?
    Placing multiple Network Extenders in a single home is not advised. Interference can occur when devices are placed within close proximity of each other.
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