1. the1jake's Avatar
    I stopped by several VZW stores and retailers today on my hunt for the Storm.

    I found a store with plenty of inventory and placed my name on the list. The VZW employee at the store told me it might be a 2-2 1/2 hour wait so I decided to go to the nearby mall and comeback to the store. (actual Verizon Wireless retailer) Came back in an hour only to hear "the network is down" and we will take your name and call you when it's back up. (they wouldn't sell me the phone at the time)

    This is in the Philadelphia area suburbs. Any of you have the same experience? Or is there a site that shows the network status? Like everyone here, I wouldn't mind having it today.

    I was told at approx. 1:30pm EST that the network was down. I called at 3pm EST to the same store and was told it was still down. thanks!
    11-21-08 02:25 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Network, umm nope it's up and running, they might mean the ordering and upgrade system, there have been reports of problems with computer crashes and such, but the network is up and live.!
    11-21-08 02:29 PM
  3. the1jake's Avatar
    Thanks for the info.

    For the record, this is the Montgomeryville, PA Verizon Wireless Store I was referring to.
    11-21-08 02:33 PM
  4. Ainvar's Avatar
    Went to the verizon store in VA near Potamac Mills Mall and they ran out of the 50 they have in stock but as I was waiting in line to place my order fedex arrived with 4 boxes stuffed full of storms. So I got my storm sitting beside but it still needs to be activated. My curve is still the active blackberry.

    The computer system the store uses to update accounts and such was down. The store manager had to break out the emergency kit (manual contracts) this even affected the guy who was just upgrading his phone. I called about an hour ago and they have people who are trying to enter in the information when the system comes up and then they are calling them in small batches and I do mean small batches.

    I feel sorry for the grunts at the store cause the people in charge cant think things through. You think they would have learned something from the att/iphone issue.

    The store was packed full of people and getting fuller by the minute. We even had the idiots who when found out that they were out made a huge deal out of it then would speed out of the parking lot to the next location. I mean it is a freaking phone!!

    The same peolpe would then come back to place their order at this store but lost their place in the number system and had to go to the back of the line. I laughed as some guy made another huge deal out of it. Needless to say he did not get a storm any faster.

    You would think they would have ensured they had the proper staff on hand to keep the network and ordering system up and have a redundant system in place for this. I would hate to see the loss of $$$ they had due to this.

    But hey I hope you get a storm, might be a good idea to stick around or atleast get your name on a calling list if they are offering it at the store you went to. I know some of the stores are trying to do proactive customer service to keep the angry mobs down.
    11-21-08 05:51 PM