1. MrVoodoo's Avatar
    I'm a cellular south customer - absolutely love their coverage... would really have a hard time leaving for another company.

    I've been considering though - switching to VZW sometime in the future (I really want something better than the curve - storm2 would be nice)

    How is VZW's coverage in this area? Does VZW allow tethering and MMs with their data plans?

    and for those of you who might have gone from cellular south to VZW.. any regrets?
    06-15-09 11:00 PM
  2. BlackStorm72's Avatar
    I can tell you though, that VZW does offer Tethering at 30.00 BIS plan/15.00 BES plan. MMS is included with text messaging bundles (I believe not included with just a 250 txt add-on for $5.00 though) but MMS is allowed with plans, but instead of being tied to data, its tied to messaging.

    As for coverage in your area, VOICE (1X Only) Coverage, the ability to TXT and phone call without a problem but have slow data speeds is available almost everywhere in Mississippi, just probably about 5-8% of the area of the state has no coverage, and its spotty.
    As for high-speed data (1XEV), there is some extended services in the southern area, but you will typically be in 1X here. Northwest Mississippi and a select area in the middle and south of the state (coastal south only) have EV-DO coverage everywhere. I would say about 35% of the area has EV coverage (High speed data - non-extended) and over 90% of the state is at least extended.

    Overall, I never had Cellular South, but I can tell you that VZW coverage down in your area will be pretty good, if not 100% perfect, unless your in one of the spotty areas
    06-16-09 12:23 AM