1. krkranz86's Avatar
    So I've got a few questions I hope a few of you can answer out there! I'll be traveling throughout Europe for about a month and a half this summer and I currently have the VZW 8830WE. I know I have to get the SIM card for it work overseas, my first question is - does anyone know how much this costs? I saw it on the VZW awhile ago as around $30.

    My second question is - I had a hard time understanding the Blackberry Global Services portion of the VZW website. What would I have to do to upgrade my phone for ''global capability'' and how the charges be different - for Data Usage, Texts, and Calls. I really didnt get a clear understanding so I hope some of you can help me out!

    Have a good rest of the weekend (whats left of it ) and thanks for any answers and help in advance!
    04-27-08 12:26 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    When I purchased the phone in Jan, they gave me their sim card for free. I do NOT know what rates in Europe are - you will have to either check their website or call.

    In the 8830WE subforum, there is a discussion of UNlocking the phone - this would enable you to use a europe Sim card in the phone and potentially get cheaper rates while over there. BUT you first need some sim card in the device and you have to actually call Global Services to get the phone unlocked with a code - they do not charge for this unlocking.
    04-27-08 11:57 PM