02-22-09 02:06 AM
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  1. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    No, you will only get 5. I had the 1350 min plan.
    thx, thats what I thought... I been seeing the #10 being throwin around a lot more than the #5. Especially in recent commercials.
    02-18-09 12:47 PM
  2. falesq's Avatar
    Verizon Wireless copies Alltel's My Circle

    Verizon Wireless is set to announce Thursday that subscribers on some qualifying plans will be able to pick five or 10 phone numbers that they can call for free, without drawing down their plan's minutes.
    There is no added charge for the service. It mimics a popular feature called "My Circle" at Alltel Corp., a smaller carrier that Verizon Wireless bought in January.
    Verizon Wireless' announcement means that former Alltel customers will be able to keep the feature when they sign up for new plans, and expands the availability to other Verizon Wireless customers.
    Verizon Wireless, now the country's largest cellular carrier, is calling the feature "Friends & Family." It will be available starting Sunday. Customers on single-line plans starting at $60 per month will get five free numbers, and those on family plans starting at $90 per month for two lines will get ten free numbers.
    Customers will need to sign up for the feature and pick their numbers online.
    T-Mobile USA, the fourth-largest carrier, has a similar feature, which it calls "myFaves."
    MCI, which Verizon Communications Inc. later bought, had a long-distance plan called "Friends & Family" in the early 1990s.
    Are calls to other VZW users still free?
    02-18-09 01:26 PM
  3. Chrisy's Avatar
    Yes, calls to and from Verizon Wireless and Alltel customers are unlimited.

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    02-18-09 01:28 PM
  4. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    One little extra piece (since the vB edit feature doesn't always work from mobile)...

    80,000,000 VZW subscribers vs. maybe 20 regular posters in the VZW forums here. If all 20 left VZW today, it wouldn't affect VZW at all, nor is it indicative of anything VZW is doing wrong or right.

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    02-18-09 03:05 PM
  5. MegaByte11's Avatar
    Well that sucks. We could use it, but can't afford the $90 plan. Kinda defeats the purpose to only give it to people with lots of minutes already.

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    You do realize that the reason why you have to AT LEAST be on the 900 min plan for single line and AT LEAST 1400 min plan to get Friends and Family is becuase...it is a business they have to make money still. If you can manage to stay on a 450 min plan for a single line and a 700 for family share you clearly do not need more min. Yes you can not get unlimted calls to other networks but...seems to me you are only paying for the min that you need and you dont need more then what you have. Does that make sense?

    People that are on large plans becuase they have 15 year old daughters that talk up a storm and feel they are paying out of their back end for their chatting habbits makes them feel better when you can say

    "hey well lower your plan, save yourself some money and add those numbers she is talking to as unlimted" and there you get a happy FAMILY PLAN ver. one little customer.
    02-18-09 06:03 PM
  6. MegaByte11's Avatar
    aaaaand we didnt "copy" altel...we own altel.....
    02-18-09 06:12 PM
  7. Dr.Sadistic's Avatar
    Ok, to begin my post here, I will honestly admit that I DIDN'T read ALL the prior posts, as that could have taken all day. But it seems to be at this point in the conversation, we've reached the business application of the My Friends and Family plan, recently released by VZW as a response to the out-cry of the bought-out Alltel Customers, to the My Circle plan.

    I'd like to note that, from a business stand point, that VZW IS the MOST EXPENSIVE provider. We all know this to be true... but alot of people like to leave out this tiny bit of information... while they may be the most expensive, they are also the most comprehensive phone company, with the most features and largest network around. This takes money.

    Now, the My Friends and Family package comes with the more expensive plans BECAUSE this feature does require a sizable amount of money to keep intact. Free calling to everyone you know can get rather expensive fast. It was, in fact, the My Circle plan that destroyed Alltel in the first place.
    02-18-09 06:21 PM
  8. rmprovo's Avatar
    VZW Copies Alltel My Circle

    ....VZW didn't COPY alltel's "My Circle".... they bought it...lol
    02-18-09 10:31 PM
  9. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Weekendbum, I bow to your ability to explain in text. Nice job.

    Don't forget that rates are also based on making a reasonable profit. What is reasonable is very subjective, but always comes back to what the market will bear. In a competitive market, profit margins are not subject to criticism as the market is paying.

    Of course, if there is collusion between companies (highly doubtful in this case), criticism opens up - but I believe Coca-Cola's or Anheuser-Busch's margin is greater than that of any of the cellphone carriers.

    It is like here. If you're unhappy with CrackBerry's accessory pricing (which is usually very competitive) you are free to shop Amazon or Newegg or Joe's Phone Emporium or wherever.

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    Sounds like free market economics to me! Thanks for the compliment!
    02-19-09 12:17 AM
  10. jeffh's Avatar
    Thread cleaned. Keep it on topic, please.
    02-19-09 05:56 AM
  11. mattchew86's Avatar
    Verizon Can do what they want. And the thing is that people will pay it. i know someone like my self already had the 1400 min plan and this is a great FREE add to my account.
    ya i know they can do what they want but...

    I simply have no need to upgrade to the 900 minute plan since I don't use my phone more than 450 minutes per month. However, I do come very close to my 450 and would like to have five numbers to call w/o my minutes being used to keep myself well within my minutes. Those of us on the 450 min plan I think are willing to pay a slight increase in our plans to get these numbers. How does this make us cheap or stingy? We're willing to pay a bit to get something. I'm not asking for anything for free......
    exactly. if i can pay like $10 extra for maybe 5 lines or whatever that would be ok. but i dont see the point of paying $20-$30 extra, doubling minutes i wont use just to talk to 5 people for free. i like the fact that they found a way to incorporate my circle, but why on all the high priced plans? that kinda defeats the whole purpose of my circle's existence. to save money and minutes.
    02-20-09 10:34 AM
  12. rob198's Avatar
    i've had vzw for years, and was skeptical to find out that it was FREE to add to my account...now my wife and I don't have to wait till 9pm or the weekends to call our non vzw friends and fam...yaa me!
    02-20-09 02:28 PM
  13. sweet gumdrops's Avatar
    I heard that you have to renew your contract????????????? (not for myself but my family are on vzw)
    02-20-09 02:41 PM
  14. jetswa737's Avatar
    You do not have to renew your contract. There is a link where you can see if your plan qualifies. If it does you simply input your numbers that you want to include. I have already done it. It works. Of course if you dont have a plan that qualifies you may have to adjust your plan to meet the guideline but that still does not require an extension of your contract. VZW does not require a contract extension for simply changing your plan. At least I dont have that.
    02-20-09 02:57 PM
  15. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    I heard that you have to renew your contract????????????? (not for myself but my family are on vzw)
    Nope - I added mine & my contract date didn't change.

    As long as your service maintains a minimum amount based on your promos, no change in contract on VZW.

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    02-20-09 03:08 PM
  16. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    yea, I didn't have to renew mine. And I still had to change my plan from 450 to 900 to add the feature.

    But I think I'm trying it for a month and then taking it off. 900 is too many minutes and sort of defeats the purpose. I do realize that they want you to be at a certain price in order for it to benefit them to give us this feature, but they should of really accounted for select/prem and data plans rather than just calling plans.

    I doubt its gonna be worth it for me since I have a home phone but we shall see if I can force it to be a benefit.
    02-20-09 05:33 PM
  17. gotblackberry's Avatar
    You could get rid of the home phone and cut costs.
    02-20-09 05:54 PM
  18. out0fcontr0l221's Avatar
    Considering the Verizon Wireless bought Alltel, yeah thats not really copying!?!
    02-21-09 12:36 AM
  19. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    Considering the Verizon Wireless bought Alltel, yeah thats not really copying!?!
    Its like saying I bought a Chevrolet, therefore I am copying Dale Earnhardt.

    If truth was their intent, they'd say something like "Verizon Adopts Alltel Strategy."
    02-21-09 12:39 AM
  20. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    You could get rid of the home phone and cut costs.

    time warner has me locked in to a dooshbag deal as well! They tell me if I cut my home phone that I will actually pay more since I'm on a promotional triple play! Its CRAP!!!

    my gripe is never soley with verizon! Its with all companies trying to squeeze every cent out of ppl. I just ended up being a critical consumer which is healthy for anyone to be. Its not about supporting or not supporting verizon. Its about staying alert and making sure ur needs are being met. ANd in the end, NO COMPANY will have ur interest at heart so u have to do it urself! The more ppl do it, the more these companies stay in check! The more u say "I WILL PAY ANYTHING BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH," The more u will pay! Simple!
    02-21-09 09:05 AM
  21. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    kinda reminds me of an incident I had as a kid (10 years oldish) with another kid. I remember I made a contraption and told the kid I would sell it to him for $5 bucks. He said OH WOW, I'd pay $10 bucks for that!!!

    Can anyone guess what he paid?
    02-21-09 09:08 AM
  22. ZphibLadyNC's Avatar
    Yay!! My prayers have been answered! When I was with Alltel the MyCircle was one of my fav features. The Verizon guy first told me there was no way they'd adopt that feature from Alltel, but here it is! This is great! LOL!!!
    02-22-09 12:44 AM
  23. Leo.brazuca's Avatar
    was about time for "My circle" to come to verizon...
    02-22-09 02:06 AM
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