08-12-09 07:41 AM
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  1. Hoagie52's Avatar
    What the point in getting @vzw.blackberry.net email account is there anything special with it or just another address?

    Just a curios question.
    07-05-09 07:40 PM
  2. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Just another address..
    07-05-09 07:50 PM
  3. cfreese66's Avatar
    Weekendbum is correct.
    07-05-09 07:53 PM
  4. lastraid's Avatar
    I have it for a backup. no other reason. Oh yes its free
    07-05-09 08:21 PM
  5. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    Yeah I have it just as the email address that I email things to like ota links that I want going to my blackberry and not clogging up my gmail mailbox on my computer.

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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-05-09 10:38 PM
  6. cigarmapa's Avatar
    i'm using it strictly for wedding emails.
    07-05-09 10:39 PM
  7. Polychrome's Avatar
    As others have said, just another address. Unlike hotmail and yahoo and gmail and the like, you'll probably see a lot less spam on it, though...
    07-06-09 12:07 AM
  8. Lurch81#AC's Avatar
    Can u access it from the net or just your blackberry?

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    07-06-09 12:30 AM
  9. Polychrome's Avatar
    Just the blackberry.
    07-06-09 12:49 AM
  10. Hoagie52's Avatar
    great thanks for the feed back.
    07-13-09 10:42 AM
  11. Fire-Detention's Avatar
    Just another email but its free so take advantage of it.
    07-13-09 11:20 AM
  12. blue_and_bold's Avatar
    No point in getting it. At All. Whatsoever.
    07-13-09 02:28 PM
  13. BassGeek's Avatar
    I don't have a Blackberry yet, but hope too soon.

    Which service is best (most reliable and fastest) at pushing mail to the device? Is the blackberry.net account any more reliable than any other, like Gmail?

    I have a WinMo phone now and I forward a copy of all my email to a live.com (Hotmail) account so it will push to my phone. It works well MOST of the time, but probably 1 out of 10 or so emails don't make it to my phone. A message will occasionally be sitting in my live.com mail until another one comes along at which time I get both the new one and the old one.

    Hopefully, the Blackberry push will be more reliable.
    07-13-09 02:51 PM
  14. gotblackberry's Avatar

    07-13-09 02:53 PM
  15. greens601's Avatar
    gmail is much better
    07-13-09 02:56 PM
  16. Lady.Khrystal's Avatar
    Actually, one MASSIVE benefit is that I hook up any account that I want instant emails from. So I keep all my password resets available to that account. The nice thing about any blackberry.net email account is because it's on the RIM server already, when the email hits the address, it IMMEDATELY goes to your phone. Other email addresses you get between a 3 and 15 minute delay. You'll have a shorter delay if you get more email, because your phone will automatically go in and check more often if you're prone to getting more email, but it'll only check every 15 minutes if you don't recieve a lot. So, instant email to phone = blackberry.net account. Phone goes in to check for email every couple minutes = every other email account.
    07-13-09 05:53 PM
  17. sprke81's Avatar
    ^^ Yea that would be a benefit. I have one of those email addresses for forums like CB and howardforums.
    07-13-09 06:08 PM
  18. BassGeek's Avatar
    So, instant email to phone = blackberry.net account. Phone goes in to check for email every couple minutes = every other email account.
    That is what I was asking, which service has the closest to real time push.

    Thanks for answering.
    07-13-09 06:26 PM
  19. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I like the BB email service because I hate having to clear out my emails from hotmail. I believe hotmail is the only email service that doesn't reconcile with BBs. I also like the fact that no one else can view my emails from a computer. My wife likes to spy on me and go through my email accounts. Unless she has my BB in het possession (which is never), she can't spy on me.

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    07-13-09 06:51 PM
  20. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Gmail is an instant push as well
    07-13-09 08:11 PM
  21. sprke81's Avatar
    Gmail is an instant push as well
    Yes it is but for some reason it will only sync bout half the deleted emails. Emails that I delete on my berry still show up in gmail. It gets old having to delete emails twice.

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    07-13-09 08:32 PM
  22. Gawain's Avatar
    Just to throw in my two cents...I have a gmail account and haven't been super impressed with it. Though I don't use it to the extent that I use my Yahoo! account. Consistently, my Storm will pick up emails to my Yahoo! account before I pick it up on my PC.

    Having said that, other features I like about Yahoo! mail:
    --Unlimited mail box size
    --"beta" view for PC makes organizing very easy
    --The Spam filter is outstanding

    I have my vzw.blackberry.net address up and ready too....just in case. ;-)
    07-14-09 07:42 AM
  23. BassGeek's Avatar
    Depending on your situation, there is something about Yahoo to consider. They "defer" or "gray list" incoming mail in some situations. That means they delay the incoming mail so that the sending server has to try to deliver the mail multiple times before it is accepted by Yahoo. This greatly helps reduce spam as most spam sources won't queue their outgoing mail. Most will try to deliver once and then quit.

    I'm a web hosting provider. Every time I check my outgoing mail servers queues I always see mail to Yahoo that is up to 24 hours old waiting to be accepted by Yahoo. Much of this mail is forwarders that my users have set up on their domains to forward their mail to Yahoo.

    Take that for what its worth. It really helps Yahoo stop a lot of spam, but it also creates delays on incoming mail if Yahoo decides to start deferring the sending mail server that is trying to get mail to you.
    07-14-09 08:47 AM
  24. NIKSTORM's Avatar
    Actually I denied my BB account at VZW
    But when I tried to sign up for smart guard
    They made me get a BB account. Apparently
    There is a difference.

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    07-14-09 09:17 AM
  25. jdmoore81's Avatar
    i use it as my main email and have 2 google accounts setup to forward to that email cause i never get on the computer anymore unless it is to upload a leak
    07-14-09 09:49 AM
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