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    I have the Blackberry Global Email unlimited service on my Tour. I have an individual account, not a business account. A few months ago, a Verizon service rep called me and told me they were going to discontinue that service and tried to sell me some really pathetic Canada/Mexico or Europe plan with very low limits for large dollars.

    I told them that if the service went away, I'd port my number to another carrier and be done with them. They said I'd be automatically downgraded to a domestic unlimited data plan in August. My billing cycle ended August 19th and my plan still has BlackBerry Global Email service. I'm trying to figure out if I now have that plan indefinitely or if I need to start shopping for an alternate carrier for my international travel.

    I'm in Canada a lot, Europe some, and Asia once per year. Verizon now has nothing for me.... particularly in Asia where the only option is incredibly expensive metered service. I really don't feel like unlocking my phone and chasing SIM chips in every country I visit. I just want my phone to work with a predictable monthly bill so the bean counters don't have a cow when I submit a huge cell phone expense report.

    I'd also like to upgrade phones pretty soon to either a 9930 or a Droid 3. I'm kind of afraid to rock the boat by calling Verizon to talk about phones and my account.

    Has anybody else been through this?
    08-21-11 01:51 PM