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    I am currently on ATT but thinking about switching to VZW when the new 9900 comes out. The only reason is better coverage. The prices are about the same. The deal breaker for me is I am on BESX at work. Currently ATT did not charge extra for this on top of BIS. VZW did charge the full BES price when the customer was not getting the full BES. Recently RIM has offered Enterprise Activation as a app. This allows users of BESX to connect to work without the carrier charging you. Has anybody tried this on VZW?
    05-13-11 02:49 PM
  2. fire6's Avatar
    I can't believe anybody on the site has not tried this!!! I don't want to port all my numbers just to find out I can not activate the Enterprise activation app only to have to port everything back to ATT. Can anybody out there help???
    05-18-11 01:59 PM
  3. mahen915's Avatar
    Verizon does not charge extra for this. RIM has an Enterprise Activation Tool in App World that bypasses the carrier altogether when connecting to BES. I would highly recommend you use that.
    05-18-11 02:23 PM