1. NADA918's Avatar
    Went to a baseball game tonight. There was 40k+ attendance.
    My VZ phones signal was going crazy all night.
    Tonights game was sold out which is unusual for them, so basically is it possible that just having that many people on the same tower can throw it off?
    Internet quit working, then phone dropped to just EV then went to 1X then to full bars of everything, then to searching for CDMA network..

    Any one have any ideas?

    Phone or network?
    06-22-10 03:46 AM
  2. RadioRaiders's Avatar
    Well, phone and network, but mainly network. Normally your phone will try to attach to the tower closest to you, but if that tower is over-congested, the network will block you from it and tell your phone to look for another tower. Since there's probably not another tower int he area with a strong signal, your phone will start trying to attach to towers further away, and you'll see your signal bars drop as a result. When the tower close to you frees up a little, the network may tell you its ok to get back on that one, and you'll see your signal bars jump up again.

    If you want to see the tower ID you're attached to, download my app on your BB browser at cellumap.com/ota when you run it, look at the BID (Base Station ID) and the signal strength. That will tell you which tower your on and how good the signal is. A good sinal range is between -40 to -80 dBm. Below -105 or so and you should be losing the signal.
    06-22-10 04:33 AM
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    06-22-10 09:07 AM
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    The data issue yesterday was widespread. It wasn't just your area.
    I couldn't use my browser at it's regular speed until late last night.
    It was out much of the day.

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    06-22-10 09:33 AM