02-06-09 02:32 PM
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  1. rwking's Avatar
    1 more thing to note on VZ Navigator on Blackberries. The customers who I've helped with troubleshooting errors with this application are typically Curve and Pearl owners running 4.3. I won't say that it is a "known issue" that VZ Nav doesnt work properly on 4.3 but I've come to learn that VZ Nav will work more stable on 4.5 using the permissions that I posted earlier.

    So basically if VZ Nav is buggy for you...delete the app....upgrade to 4.5...reinstall the app...and set the proper permissions. Just a suggestion!
    01-29-09 11:53 AM
  2. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    Good advice rwking. VZNav runs well on the Curve. If it doesn't, look at your settings.

    Also, part of the 4.5 release includes tweaking of the GPS functionality.

    I really have no problems with it from the client side. I just don't like the monthly fee or the sometimes odd routing. I will say that VZNav is much more likely to get directions right than Google or Mapquest.

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    01-29-09 01:30 PM
  3. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    with blackberry smart phones having file free/hour glass issues, I think it will always make programs like vznav a hit or miss depending on when u use it. I've had several times where it worked ok. Then I had times where it went totally haywire and needed to do a battery pull. And considering the length of time it takes to reboot, it can **** off even the most patient of ppl when they question its usefullness as they sit in their car on the side of the highway while their phones are rebooting for like 5 entire minutes!

    I've had a lot of (! GPS) triangles for reasons I do not understand and it does occasionally reboot on its own when not in use. Shoot, I was at work (emergency room) and out of no where, my phone starts yelling out directions while my phone was holstered. Pretty embarressing! I also notice the navigation does not work well when a phone call comes in while its working the nav. Same apples to texts and emails! And for blackberries that are usually busy getting all kind of notifications all the time, its rare that the nav will work without 1 notification for the entire time of usage! Its just a flawed issue with blackberries! On regular phones, I do agree, its a good program.
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    I HAD problems with it in the past but learned a few things to keep it smooth. I deleted BB and Google maps. I also made sure the settings were correct (as above) and when I traveled to a new region, I updated the phone with the *228. Now I have only one problem since I switched to the Curve. I will properly exit out of VZN and a few minutes later it will be back on again. This may happen 2 to 3 times after using it or not at all, it's kind of random.
    01-29-09 02:50 PM
  5. SimpleBinary's Avatar
    I've used NAV numerous times without any issues....hopefully I won't run into any of the issues I'm hearing about.
    02-01-09 01:08 PM
  6. charliebronson's Avatar
    The only issue I'm having with vz navigator is that it reopens after I close it, does anyone know what causes this or how to prevent it?

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    02-05-09 05:29 PM
  7. rwking's Avatar
    The only issue I'm having with vz navigator is that it reopens after I close it, does anyone know what causes this or how to prevent it?

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    This seems to be the only bug for VZ Nav on the Storm. That happens to me too. But at least the navigation works!

    Speaking of it working, this is how precise it is. This morn, I had doc appts across town at 9am (Tampa, FL rush hour). Literally 12 miles away in rush hour traffic. Leave house at 8AM, kicked on VZ Nav...said specifically 33 minutes to get to my destination. The back roads I would've taken were closed so I was forced to use the main roads to get there.

    I pulled into the doc office parking lot at exactly 8:33AM...how's that for precision?!?!?

    I know I'm sounding like an advocate for the service..but this is a true story.
    02-05-09 06:11 PM
  8. charliebronson's Avatar
    Yeah, its great with traffic, but I usually drive pretty fast, so its usually a little off, however it does adjust pretty well.

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    02-05-09 08:44 PM
  9. Red Sox's Avatar
    My brother has the storm and is on a cross country road trip by himself. He used VZ nav from MA to NYC to Baltimore to NC. It got him lost a few times though and brought him into the bad part of baltimore when his destination wasn't even near there. When he got to NC he cancelled VZ nav and downloaded Garmin.

    He said its much better. Since then he's driven to Louisiana and then to TX with no problems whatsoever. His next stop is Las Angeles and then back home to MA and he said he's not worried anymore about getting lost.

    So, based on his experience, I would say to get Garmin, if you can, instead. In the end its cheaper than VZ navigator anyway.

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    02-05-09 09:04 PM
  10. drpietrzak's Avatar
    I take 1-2 calls a day about VZ Navigator not working. The problem seems to be some of the applications permissions are incorrect. Here are the correct settings.

    Options->Advanced Options->Appliactions

    Edit Permissions at VZ Navigator

    Connections, Interations, and User Data should be set to ALLOW. If set to custom then change.

    Explode Interactions.

    Screen Capturing and Browser Filtering set to DENY (the BOLD DENY. Storm users, Screen Capturing is not an option for you.

    Save permissions, restart VZ Navigator.

    Hope this info helps
    Thanks! I will try it. What is BOLD DENY? My just gives the 3 options. Also mine has me located 2 block from where I am at the office. What causes that one?
    02-06-09 02:32 PM
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