1. stormrunner's Avatar
    I was speeking with a tech from verizon about my Storm for 20 minutes. After I told him about all of my problems i went to hang up but still heard him talking when I went to puch end. He forgot to disconnect the line and I heard him go on for 3 or 4 minutes with his co-workers about how the VZ Navigator app is freezing everyone's phone, but they aren't aloud to tell customers this cause its a Verizon "add on" So I completely deleted from my storm today adn had it taken off my account. I am still having accelerometer issues but ill be downloading the .75 here in a minute.
    12-05-08 01:48 AM
  2. CipherDias's Avatar
    Interesting, VERY interesting....
    12-05-08 07:11 AM
  3. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    I dont know about the storms issues, but VZ nav wreeks havik on my curve!

    Especially when I'm using it and then receiving a message, be it email, SMS, MMS, IM, etc. Basuically once that little red light starts flashing, my gps is worthless and the hourglass goes on for freakin EVER!
    12-05-08 09:42 AM