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    I was going through my voicemail options today curious as to what can be done and stumbled up distribution list. I have two phones so I decided to try this feature out. I set up a distribution list on one of my voicemail accounts with the number of my other line. So I gave it a try to see if I left a message on one would it appear on both, it only appeared on the phone I left the message on. Anyone know how the distribution list actually works, like how do you get the messages distributed??
    01-13-09 12:59 AM
  2. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    With voicemail distribution, you first setup your distribution list. Then you access your voicemail and send a message from your voicemail. That message then is sent to that particular list.

    Example: you have a little league team and you want a list of every parent of every kid on your team & you have them entered into a distribution list. You want to advise them of a practice. You access your voicemail, create your message, choose the list as recipient and send. They all get the message without you needing to call each of them.

    You can send individual messages to others directly from VM as well. The recipient doesn't get a call - instead, they get a VM indicator telling them they have a new message - perfect for leaving someone a message who you don't wish to bother with a phone call.
    01-13-09 07:44 AM
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    Ohhh okay I get it, I was under the impression that messages left on the phone would be forwarded to the other phone : / thanks for clearing that up

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    01-13-09 07:49 AM