1. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    Customers are currently unable to originate calls in So GA getting a fast busy or call failed message. We are aware of the issue ETA unavailable.
    Update: This issue appears to be affecting multiple areas in south central and southwest GA. Adel, Bainbridge, Blakely, Camilla, Dawson, Donalsonville, Fort Gaines, Leeburg, McRae, Moultrie, Thomasville, Tifton, or Valdosta areas

    Customers in Worchester Mass are experiancing same thing when attempting to call non verizon customers.

    I understand this can be frusterating but I wanted to let you guys know in case you are being effected.
    09-19-09 02:35 PM
  2. Butthead007's Avatar
    Yeah, I read the alert today and was glad I am not in tech any more
    09-19-09 03:18 PM
  3. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    I hear you... Im glad Im not taking calls. Just wish I werent in training either! LOL
    09-19-09 03:20 PM