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    I'm not very good at math or fine print and Verizon's web site doesn't help.

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong:

    Plan A: Verizon's web site advertises a bundled, 900 minute voice plan plus Blackberry email and messaging for $120.

    Plan B: They don't advertise it but if you go through the order process starting with the phone, you can get the Nationwide Select voice plan (which includes unlimited SMS, MMS, and Web) for $80, then add the Email and Web for Blackberry for $30, resulting in a total of $110.

    My assumption is that they're essentially the same thing and that the email and web part of the $30 Blackberry plan is also unlimited data because that's what it says on my account (I went with Plan B). I can only assume that Plan A is also unlimited data but that isn't stated anywhere that I can find.

    SO...is my assumption correct: in effect these are essentially the same exact plans except Plan B is $10 cheaper? If not, what's the difference? It's virtually impossible to tell from their Web site but according their sales reps on the phone and in the corporate retail shop they are, for all intents and purposes, identical. But as we all know, the Verizon people aren't always the fountain of all knowledge.

    If it is true though...why do they offer a bundle that's more expensive than a la carte? I guess it's a little more convenient to order but I suspect the real reason is that it nets them $240 over the life of the contract. If you pick the bundled plan first then add a Blackberry to it, you won't see the a la carte option in the ordering process, and pay more. A bit underhanded, it seems, if they really are essentially the same thing.
    05-27-08 03:52 AM
  2. shylard's Avatar
    I have the separate plans, $79 for 900 mins + $30 for BB unlimited data, it is cheaper this way by $10. If you're lucky enough to have 25% off voice plan from your company, it's about $30 cheaper. I worked for bank of america & they have an employee discount.

    Sign up for the separate plan & save your $10, vzw was hoping you weren't that smart

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    05-27-08 06:55 AM
  3. vatothe0's Avatar
    The bundle plan includes use of BES.

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    05-27-08 03:14 PM
  4. Gbreeze#CB's Avatar
    Yea thats the difference. If you are just using personal e-mail only and not corporate for your job choose the select plan with the email 29.99 a month. HOWEVER, here's the kicker. If you are getting an employee discount for where you work for do the email bundle plan because you get the full discount off the whole plan. Any add on feats you do not receive a discount off of. Example: 900 min select plan 79.99 a month (let's say you get a 20% discount) which equals 16.00 bucks off ur bill and you have to add 29.99 a month for bb= 94.00 a month before tax. The bundle plan of 120.00 which includes email in plan would be 96.00 before tax only 2 dollars more but includes BES.
    05-27-08 04:05 PM
  5. kwsmithphoto's Avatar
    So it would seem, it's cryptically buried in the fine print.

    Their web site is a freakin' mess!
    05-27-08 05:04 PM
  6. ShortStop51001's Avatar
    I get 22% of the plan per month, and 20% added features monthly through my work...

    So my plan is 119.99 and i get 22% off that and features i have BB email and web, ringbacks, and the other line has mobile web, and they get 20% off.
    05-27-08 07:34 PM
  7. vatothe0's Avatar
    Only the BB plan qualifies for a discount in that list of features though.

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    05-27-08 08:27 PM
  8. loooney2ns's Avatar
    I get 21% and 20%. It's costing me $2 a month more with the BB than it was before the discount and a Razr. The phone cost me about $4 A/R so it was a no-brainer. Even my wife couldn't complain!
    05-27-08 08:33 PM
  9. culater88's Avatar
    Yes, Verizon is getting very under handed with some of thier promotions.
    05-27-08 08:41 PM