1. CarSalesman's Avatar
    I have been using VVM for many months. The last few days, I cannot download voicemails. The messages show on the list, but when I click on a message to play it, it just says downloading and eventually fails. During the download attempt, the BB Tour usually locks up. The device goes back to normal after VVM gives up trying to download.

    I tried to call Verizon help desk today, but gave up after waiting 20 minutes to talk to an advisor. My experience with calling for help is usually very good, so I'm guessing the Blackberry people are swamped with 5.0.591 problems!

    I had this problem with 591. I changed to 484 to get rid of the browser click problem. I thought the VVM problem might be an incompatibility with 484, so I changed to 530. Same problem with all the above. Could be unrelated to the firmware version.

    I did try deleting and reinstalling VVM. No change.

    Any idea how to fix this? Is it a known issue?
    04-14-10 10:11 PM
  2. CarSalesman's Avatar
    No response to this, so others apparently haven't had the problem. I finally got through to Verizon tech response, as they have been very busy fighting with problems on the Tour. The representative and I went through all the VVM settings. Found that it was set to save voicemails on the SD card memory. Changed it back to device internal memory, and VVM now works OK. The rep had not seen that problem or solution before, just going down the list.
    04-17-10 08:38 PM