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    I have VVM on my 9630. Love it. A few weeks ago, the program offered to update itself, which I accepted. Since then I have an intermittent problem where a voicemail shows in a list, but if I click on it, it just says "loading" but never completes. I am in a good signal area and have no problem with other data tasks.

    Are there known issues? Can I revert to the earlier version, or is there some other solution?
    03-23-10 10:08 PM
  2. TAuditor's Avatar
    I can't supply a solution, but will bookmark your question and let you know if I find anything. I am researching this in depth.

    I also have a 9630, and made the mistake of updating the VVM with the new version. My problem, however, is different. I can no longer hear my voicemails via Bluetooth headset. Prior to the update, I could play my voicemails through my Bluetooth. Now, if the BT is activated, the voicemails play over the speaker - which can be awkward in certain business circumstances.

    The error that you are describing also happens intermittently, but its not as frequent as it was when I first downloaded VVM in September, 2009. I consider it a nuisance bug - get out of VVM, wait about 5 or 10 minutes and try again. Generally, the VM has not finished downloading - for whatever reason its delayed and if I give it time, it will work.

    If I can find a way to revert to the prior version, I will most definately do so, and share with the forum. I do not love VVM. Its buggy and annoying, but when it is operational it does save a substantial amount of time over calling in to voicemail.
    04-07-10 12:03 PM
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    It is a known issue with VZW. And I know they said they have a master ticket in to fix the issue. It was with the log in error on the new update that came out.

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    04-07-10 03:36 PM