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    Well crackberry user, in this case you actually know less than a VZW employee.

    After 1 full year of service on any plan $59.99 or higher for at least 3 months prior is eligible for an annual upgrade at the 2 year pricing and any MIR that is available. There is a $20 early upgrade fee unless you are a VIP customer.

    The $39.99 plan will qualify for the ne2 at 20 months. You get up to $35 off the 2 year pricing after the MIR. Basically, you pay the MIR rebate amount and then anything that is left over is discounted up to the $35.

    If you are on a $79.99 plan or higher then you will receive a $50 ne2 discount.

    The VIP program is still in place for customers with at least 6 months of service with good payment history(no past due) and are on a $79.99 plan or higher theget waived activation fees on new lines, 25% off accessory purchases and waived early upgrade and device restocking fees.

    To the OP, opening a 2nd line of service will add at least $30 to your monthly bill. your best option is the lost/stolen pricing option. This option lets you get a new phone, regardless of length of service for the 1 year price and any MIR's that apply. Or, see if you qualify for a discount by going to verizonwireless.com/discount.

    Depending on any discounts that your eligible for it might be cheaper if you switch to either a select 450 plan and add the web/email data package or the $99 450 nationwide email & messaging plan. Since the discount applies to calling plan and the additional features are part of the plan you may end up with a lower monthly rate.

    Again, sorry crackberry user, but in this case you are wrong. Granted, theres a lot to keep up with regarding wireless plans and policies, but you may not want to flaunt your "superior knowledge" in a thread that asks for help from a VZW employee, or at least make sure you know what your talking about.
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