1. npunk42's Avatar
    My wife and I are both on Verizon and having the same issue with Visual Voicemail. It always asks us to provide our password, them we have to wait for the system to log us in. Sometimes it wont and we have to start all over. I am using the Bold 9930, she a DroidX. Anyone else having similar issues?
    10-06-11 08:31 PM
  2. ifxbandit's Avatar
    Yes, mine was driving me crazy. I even had 9 voicemails that all came in at the same time (5PM). It was to a point that I could barely use my Blackberry because it kept asking me for my password. I ended up canceling my visual voicemail service.
    10-08-11 12:20 PM
  3. MrObvious's Avatar
    Just use Google Voice. There is a way to forward all your voicemails to it. Android sets it up for you. It's something like *780(numberofGV). Maybe someone will know what I'm saying.
    10-08-11 01:14 PM
  4. JJGeneral1's Avatar
    or get youmail, which is free.
    10-11-11 11:32 AM