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    Hey there, recently got my z10 from verizon. I understand the verizon network is cdma based, but i would like to know if it is possible to get the phone to work on a gsm network. For example i would like to travel to mexico and pop in a telcel sim card. Is that possible or would i have to be looking into unlocking the device? Thanks!

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    05-03-13 12:59 PM
  2. rthonpm's Avatar
    The Verizon Z10 and Q10 are considered World phones: they work on Verizon's CDMA and LTE networks, but also have the antenna for most GSM networks outside of the US. Telcel uses the 850 Mhz band, which the VZW Z10 supports. Technically, you could get 3G coverage from AT&T or TMobile since they both use the 850 Mhz band as well, but neither of their LTE or HPSA+ networks will work with the phone.

    Here's the specs from the Verizon Z10 page:


    Networks: Digital (CDMA/PCS)/1x, EVDO Rev A, LTE (Band 13)
    Networks: Global (GPRS/EDGE/GSM(850/900/1800/1900) HSPA/UMTS(900/2100)
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    05-03-13 01:17 PM
  3. irvin968's Avatar
    Cool! So would i be able to simply pop in a telcel sim card and have my bb on its service/data?

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    05-03-13 01:34 PM
  4. jhanks64's Avatar
    Using a non-Verizon SIM card requires the phone to be unlocked. Otherwise you need to pay VZW for data and voice when traveling .

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    05-03-13 11:40 PM
  5. pili4's Avatar
    Aren't VZW Z10's coming unlocked...mine appears to be (at least I think it is)

    On my Z10 with CB10!
    05-04-13 12:03 AM
  6. ckroboth's Avatar
    Mine is unlocked also.

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    05-05-13 05:40 AM
  7. jhanks64's Avatar
    How do you know?

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    05-05-13 05:50 AM
  8. pili4's Avatar
    My understanding of when the phone is unlocked this is how the simple screen looks:

    Verizon z10 cdma or gsm? Or both?-img_00000008.png

    On my Z10 with CB10!
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    05-05-13 09:43 AM
  9. pili4's Avatar
    Meant to say this screen but CB10 wouldn't let me edit.

    On my Z10 with CB10!
    05-05-13 09:57 AM
  10. bunky1971's Avatar
    I will also confirm I popped my T-Mobile sim in my vzw z10 before I activated and everything TMO worked. Only EDGE, but it worked. You should have no problems with a TelCel sim.
    Verizon z10 cdma or gsm? Or both?-img-20130418-00130.jpg

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    05-05-13 07:01 PM
  11. jhanks64's Avatar
    I just checked that screen and you are right, shows as unlocked. I will try my AT&T SIM & report back.

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    05-05-13 09:42 PM
  12. jhanks64's Avatar
    I tried the SIM card from my AT&T Z10 and it only worked for phone calls. I am running the latest leak OS, so that doesn't prove anything.

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    05-06-13 12:31 AM
  13. russnash's Avatar
    Been reading this thread with interest.

    Up until now, I've always gone onto the VZW website to swap a device. In those cases it was the older BB's such as the 9550 and my old 3G internet access device. I always had to use the ESN to switch devices, but then my internet device didn't have a SIM and, as far as I thought at the time, my 9550 didn't need its SIM other than for roaming as it seemed to work fine without it inserted.

    If I understand correctly, are the newer 4G devices different now in that you can just swap SIM's instead?


    Posted from my Dev Alpha C using CB10
    05-06-13 03:36 AM
  14. jhanks64's Avatar
    I "think" you can just swap SIM cards with VZW LTE devices. I can't confirm that yet though. I will try it.
    05-06-13 11:27 PM
  15. b4ulaf's Avatar
    I tested my Verizon Z10 and was able to make voice calls and connected to EDGE for data. Hope this helps!

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    05-07-13 09:44 PM
  16. b4ulaf's Avatar
    Oops forgot to mention this was on the latest official Verizon software and I tested using my friend's AT&T SIM.

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    05-07-13 09:46 PM
  17. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    Verizon Z10's come unlocked right out of the box!

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    05-08-13 12:58 AM
  18. tk-093's Avatar
    Yes, you can swap SIMs. I manage our mobile environments so I use random devices from time to time. Over the last few weeks I've been using a Z10, Nokia 822 Windows Phone, and Galaxy S3 and Droid RAZR Maxx. Just pop the SIM card in and magic.

    The part that sucks is probably the next wave of phones will use a SIM slightly smaller then the MicroSIM that these all use so once that happens it won't be as easy to swap. (I think the iPhone 5 uses a smaller one... NanoSIM maybe?)
    05-09-13 03:22 PM
  19. mdpirello's Avatar
    You can change your 4G sim card anytime you want to and it switches all the time without any trouble at all

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    05-09-13 04:55 PM
  20. jhanks64's Avatar
    What about switching between AT&T or T-Mobile and Verizon with the same phone?
    05-10-13 02:29 AM
  21. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    All Verizon Z10's come unlocked right out of the box! Ask carrier if it will work for you in Mexico.

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    05-22-13 02:27 AM
  22. zowwie85's Avatar
    It will only get EDGE data on Telcel, the Verizon Z10 does not have the right HSPA bands for anything faster.

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    05-23-13 11:20 AM
  23. GEORGEKAZAM's Avatar
    Hi, im looking for a BB Z10, that will work on Telcel Mexico 3g, i know that the verizon modelo doesnt, but im not shure
    wich model get... could you help me... i read lot about stl100-1, -2, -3... im looking on ebay, but none of the sellers know for exactly... please advvise...
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    10-17-13 03:37 PM

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