1. Blueraven's Avatar
    I'd go to Verizon with this, but frankly you guys seem to provide better support when it comes to Blackberry use.

    I want to use my BB through Bluetooth as a modem.

    Whenever I open VZ Access and select "Detect WWAN device only", then "Bluetooth", then check "My device is already paired ...", I get "No Bluetooth device was found on the system".

    I know that my BB is connected via Bluetooth, because whenever I select "Bluetooth Setup" in VZ Access, it list my BB and the status is "connected.

    First question: What am I doing wrong?
    Second question: I have a loaded wireless/data plan, do I have to also add VZ Access? There's no option for me to add it on the Verizon site. On my old data plan with my smartphone, I had to pay an additional $15 per month for VZ Access.

    10-13-08 08:07 AM