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    Hi, I don't mean to start this off rudely, but please only respond if you've done the following and can help me. thx.

    I want to change my Hotmail protocol from POP3 to Mobile Services Protocol so that items are pushed immediately to my phone.

    As you are a verizon customer just like I am, you know that you must initially access your BIS account *from the phone itself* and that if you try to logon via your computer it will tell you to do it from your phone.

    Since you are an advanced user and not a noob, you also know that within that phone-based BIS access you can hit the menu button and select "Create User Name" which will allow you to access BIS through the web. You also know that once you do this it changes certain things on your phone that you can't change back.

    If you have done this, and you have a hotmail account, could you please tell me whether or not the computer-based BIS has the option to switch your Hotmail account(s) protocols from "POP3" to "Mobile Services Protocol". Because the phone-based BIS does *NOT* allow this, even if you edit the hotmail account and select Advanced Options.

    thanks very much, I'm thrilled that someone like yourself who knows exactly what I'm talking about and how to respond is around to help.
    11-10-09 11:19 PM
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    Ok never mind, I had little faith that someone would be able to help, so, in fact, I did it anyway.

    And the answer is, yes, you are able to switch the protocol from POP3 to Microsoft Mobile Services Protocol. It's a one-way switch.

    So here's the next question, which should be answerable by more folks:

    If you delete the (Hotmail) email address that's associated with Mobile Services Protocol, and you re-add it, does it go back to the POP3 settings? Ie., could you switch back to POP3 by deleting and then re-adding the hotmail account?

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