01-14-11 12:00 AM
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    Another option if this isn't resolved, is to file a complaint with the FCC. When I still used Nextel back in the day, my contract was mysteriously extended by 1 year when Sprint took them over. After numerous attempts to talk to customer service and being told "The system says you still have another year, we don't care what we mailed you says(referring to the contract extension confirmation I was mailed the year before showing my contract ending the next month), I filed a complaint with the FCC. Within a couple weeks, I received a call from someone at Sprint's corporate office who was much more polite than anyone I've ever talked to at Sprint and completely resolved the issue.

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    01-13-11 11:07 AM
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    Please don't take offense, but Verizon didn't screw you. Best Buy obviously was offering a deal that either takes time to show on your first bill, or is not entirely accurate.

    I've worked for corporate and for agent locations. I would never recommend getting service from agents. They do not have access to even issue credits or see what regular promos and such that corporate is offering. They aren't bad people by any means, but they do not receive the typical training and just don't have access to the same tools as a corporate location. I understand that even a corp store employee can make a mistake but I rarely see it happen to the extent that it happens with agents or the big box retailers.

    Sorry to hear you had so much trouble, but it appears to have gotten resolved.
    01-14-11 12:00 AM
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