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    I thought I'd save some money by switching to Sprint and the "Simply Everything" plan. Never had more dropped calls and other issues in my life.

    1 month later I've just switched back to Verizon. Service is awesome around Chicago.

    My question is this though... I'm not sure if it was there before leaving or not. My friend called me the other day when I was on the other line and told me that he didn't get the "ring beep" to tell him I was on another call.

    I talked to Verizon and the feature is called "distinctive ring back"? The one rep I talked to said it had to do with what voicemail system you are on and Verizon was phasing this feature out... The other rep I asked didn't get anywhere either...

    Does anyone know if they are doing away with this for privacy? What I read it is a feature of Lucent CDMA switches... Any insight?

    12-15-08 04:33 PM