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    I had a taste of Verizon LTE the other day and it was great. I have a AT&T and the HSPA+ speed is nice, but when I have horrible data speeds, even with 4 or 5 bars, when I am in an area with a large crowd. I was driving by the Buffalo Bills stadium during a game and I had no data, my friend who has ATT says that his data does not work when he is at a Sabres game. When I drive by a large shopping mall I lose my data (I can't get twitter to download new tweets). I was at a swim meet, had 5 bars and the crowd was only 200-300 people and my data crawled.

    Are there any Verizon user's with LTE who can verify that they still have great data speeds in area's with a large crowd (sporting events, etc).

    Are there any AT&T usuer's with LTE who can very that their data speeds are better in an area with a large crowd than with HSPA+?
    04-19-12 09:08 AM
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    I was told by VERIZON that due to the large increase in data usage that at times the bandwidth is not enough to carry all the traffic in the area. I myself am getting poor reception at my home now due to this and they tell me there is no fix until they add more towers! They basically told me all upgrades are going into 4G.

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    05-05-12 05:55 AM
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    Every carrier has issues when tons of people gather, be it a sporting event or the Presidential Inauguration. The carriers know this and usually deploy portable cell towers (COWS) to help compensate. I personally don't have any experience with LTE in a crowded area but Im sure it would be just fine. Besides how much downloading/uploading would one really be doing while watching a game??
    05-05-12 11:48 AM