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    Verizon Wireless to require enterprise level data plan for BESX access? Boy Genius Report

    A leaked Verizon training memo reveals how Big Red will be dealing with those who have plans to connect their BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESX); it is going to cost you a little extra. The memo explains that those looking to leverage BESX will be required to have an enterprise level data plan which typically costs $45/month as opposed to the standard $30/month BlackBerry data plan. RIM states the requirements of BESX are:

    * A BlackBerry smartphone
    * Subscription to an internet-enabled BlackBerry service plan from your wireless service provider

    Not exactly 100% accurate, as the $30 standard data plan is an internet-enabled BlackBerry service plan, but, we suppose, not entirely false either. Weve got the leaked memo after the break.

    On March 1, 2010, RIM will launch BES Express (BESX), an entry-level version of BES.As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX.

    Note: Customers on the Email and Web for BlackBerry $29.99 data feature MAY NOT utilize BESX.


    BESX replaces BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) in RIMs product lineup and allows businesses using Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server to support up to 75 BlackBerry subscribers without having to purchase Client Access Licenses (CAL) or a dedicated server. Additional users can be supported if BESX is installed on a dedicated server.

    With the launch of BESX, RIM will discontinue the sale of BPS. Verizon Wireless will sell through our remaining BPS inventory and RIM will continue to support this solution for the foreseeable future.

    Customer Information/Eligibility:

    * BESX will be available directly from the RIM website. Customers should be directed there for additional product information.
    * BESX will not be available directly from Verizon Wireless.

    # As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX

    Will the greed ever end?
    03-13-10 12:53 PM
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    I am sure AT&T will do the same thing. They tend to follow VZW.

    Sprint and T-Mobile might not.

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    03-13-10 12:59 PM
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    Sounds like BESX is a BES-lite product for smaller businesses, but is still BES from the phone user's point of view (and bill).
    03-14-10 05:24 PM
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    What a troll. There is already a thread started here on this subject here, which proves you are that troll because if you had looked about 5 threads down you would have seen it instead of rushing to post your troll post.
    As I pointed out in that thread to your fellow trolls, it is not a replacement for BIS. for those who are too lazy to find out for themeselves here is what BB says.
    Connect two people via BlackBerry smartphones and ideas get bigger. Progress happens faster. Answers get smarter. So imagine what happens when you give a business the freedom to connect all its employees.

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express enables businesses of any size to quickly and easily get started with the BlackBerry solution. It provides advanced BlackBerry smartphone features with no additional software or user license fees, and works with any Internet-enabled BlackBerry data plan or a BlackBerry enterprise data plan.
    The BlackBerry Administration Service provides web-based access to do the following:

    * Manage smartphones in your organization, including resetting passwords, or remotely wiping lost or stolen smartphones. Choose from over 35 IT policies.
    * Delegate tasks with 6 preconfigured IT administration roles.
    * Deploy and manage applications over-the-air.
    * Schedule device, application and IT policy updates.
    * Update BlackBerry Device Software wirelessly without users having to bring the device to IT.

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express provides many of the same advanced security features of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. BlackBerry solutions have received more security accreditations globally than any other wireless solution. Because of these security certifications, you can rest assured you're taking on minimal risk.

    Data transmitted between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry smartphones is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES). AES is the standard used by the US government.

    Flexible security architecture
    For implementations requiring additional security, PGP, S/MIME and PGP/MIME are also supported. Over 35 IT policies further support the needs of your business by providing adjustable security levels and capabilities that include the following:

    * Impose a device lock-down
    * Wipe data from a lost or stolen device
    * Wirelessly enforce security settings such as Bluetooth lockout

    Built-in protection against malware
    While desktop computers easily accommodate anti-virus software, wireless devices are often constrained by memory, processing power and battery life.

    One approach to help protect against malware on mobile devices is to proactively prevent them from loading or running unauthorized code. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express uses this approach to give system administrators the ability to perform the following actions:

    * Specify exactly which applications are permitted on the device
    * Prevent third-party applications from using persistent storage on the device
    * Determine which resources third-party applications can access on the device
    * Restrict the types of connections a third-party application running on the device can establish
    * Block all third-party applications from loading onto and running on the device
    Of course most will recognize these features are the same as the current BES.
    03-14-10 05:52 PM
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    I agree with the above, quit being a troll and get all your facts straight. It's an "enterprise" solution for small business who don't have enough BB's to have the need to buy licenses for all of the blackberries in their company. An enterprise solution and the advanced features that come with it require the corporate plan.
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    03-14-10 06:57 PM
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    Shhhh, you'll spoil the conspiracy theory.
    03-14-10 10:01 PM